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BTS J-hope Brings the Heat up in his New Solo Track “Arson”

BTS J-hope Brings the Heat up in his New Solo Track “Arson”

BTS rapper J-Hope sets it all on fire in its second new track from his album “Jack in the Box”.

On July 15th, J-Hope finally released his much-anticipated studio album “Jack in the Box” along with the music video for the title track “Arson”.

The artist shows his burning passion and artistry in the music video with such symbolism.

New Solo Single “Arson”

Jung Hoseok fired up the ARMY with his brand new single and music video “Arson”, the second offering from Jack in the Box album, following his first single “More”.

The South Korean rapper fights with his inner demons and aims for what path is best for him. J-Hope runs in slow motion away from the colliding cars that erupt into a movie-like explosion, that can be seen in the music video

The track and also the album talks about encountering the world outside the box and standing at the crossroads agonizing about which path he should take.

It represents its aspirations as an artist to break the mold and grow further. As for the lyrics

In the initial press release, he refers to the flames as his burning passion and desire to reach the top.

“The flame of passion I’ve been burning just to get to the top has now grown out of control. Looking back, this is like an arson that I committed against myself,” J-Hope expressed.

J-Hope’s Album “Jack in the Box”

The rapper took part in the overall planning and composition of the album. This includes the design, concept, and music video. He took over also the planning of the songs, adding more color and personal touch to the album.

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“I prepared this album with the desire to show a new side that I have never shown before. It is full of honest thoughts, worries, passion, and aspirations.”, J-hope said.

Jack in the Box album contains a total of 10 well-made songs. J-hope explained and gave tips to appreciate the album more.

In addition, he said that it would be nice if the album continues from song No. 1 to 10 as if you are turning a page in a book.

What are your thoughts on J-Hope’s Jack in the Box and his new track?

Check the official music video of Arson.

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