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BGYO sets to appear in Arirang’s ‘Simply K-Pop Con-Tour’


BGYO sets to appear in Arirang’s ‘Simply K-Pop Con-Tour’

Simply K-Pop Con-Tour recently announced the appearance of breakout P-pop boy group BGYO. Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate are set to feature in the Philippine stop of the Arirang program’s latest travel-themed episode. Aside from that, the episode is also set to livestream on Monday, May 2. 

BGYO sets to appear in Arirang’s Simply K-Pop Con-Tour

BGYO becomes the only Filipino act to remain present on Simply K-Pop’s Con-Tour’s Philippine episode. They will stream the episode on YouTube and VLive. Aside from BGYO, thirteen K-pop groups will also appear. The announcement was posted last Friday, April 29. 

Simply K-Pop

Arirang TV broadcasts Simply K-Pop, a South Korean music television program. Originally called The M-Wave, the show changed its title to Wave K in 2011. Then, they renamed the show a year later in 2021 to Simply K-Pop. They also air live worldwide every Friday at 13:00 PM KST. Currently, they have AB6IX’s Lee Dae-Hwi. The show also features K-pop stars who perform on stage and interact with the audience throughout each episode. 

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BGYO made waves internationally as they ranked No.1 in two separate charts last Tuesday, April 19. The five-member ranked No.1 in the global Next Big Sound chart, putting it on course as a likely act to debut on the Billboard 200 list in the coming year. The chart also includes acts based on their likelihood of success. Next Big Sound measures this with its patented predictive algorithm. They also topped a chart from Pandora Predictions Chart. 

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