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Best Enola Holmes 2 Moments: The Value of Having a Support System

Best Enola Holmes 2 Moments: The Value of Having a Support System

Enola Holmes welcomes back main stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill for a sequel featuring a struggling detective. It follows the story of a young woman who learned the value of a support system when she found herself backed into a corner – literally and figuratively.

Enola Holmes backed into a corner.
The beginning scene of Enola Holmes 2 served as a metaphor for how the protagonist found herself literally backed into a corner, just like the case in most of the show.

With the family name of Holmes attached to her name, Enola knew that as an aspiring detective, she is bound to the shadows of his genius brothers. The sequel showed how she attempted to make a name for herself by starting her own agency. In the process, she unknowingly got tangled up in so much mess and made things go from bad to worse.

And yet, she learned afterward that sometimes, you can’t untangle things on your own. Independence is good but there would be times when you would need to rely on others.

Here are some moments when the film managed to highlight the value of a support system:

Enola’s first client: Bessie Chapman

A newspaper ad made all the difference because it is what pushed Bessie to consult the detective agency. It made her the first client who didn’t judge Enola for her gender or her age. After the disappearance of Sarah, who Bessie considers a sister, she finds hope for the first time upon meeting the young detective. Bessie’s trust and belief, paired with Enola’s determination and confidence, made this moment worthy of this list. It was a delight to watch two young women empowering and helping each other in times of adversary.

Tewkesbury’s persistent interference

No other character in Enola Holmes 2 made my heart flutter more than Viscount Tewkesbury. Watching his persistent interference, even unwanted ones, made me feel a number of indescribable emotions.

“You are always here when I don’t want you to be.”
“And sometimes here when you do.”

This exchange perfectly encapsulated what having a support system means. When Enola was busy trying to prove herself, Tewkesbury reminded her that there was no shame in needing a helping hand.

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Sherlock to Edith: I need your help.

It’s a big step for a detective of Sherlock’s caliber to approach another for aid. It’s a bigger step to plead and utter the words, “I need your help.” In a way, it came off as very desperate and almost out of character. Yet, the scene exposed his vulnerable side; a level of humility that became a character development considering how he treated Edith during the first movie.

The arrival of Dr. Watson

The final scene would make any Sherlock fans happy. Dr. Watson plays a significant role in the original story by Arthur Conan Doyle. His introduction during the final stage wrapped Enola Holmes 2 nicely. Dr. Watson symbolized Enola’s desire to take care of her brother. It’s her gift: a roommate and a future sidekick.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2.

Enola Holmes 2 served as a reminder that our pride and desire to prove ourselves hinder us from showing our vulnerabilities. However, relying on others is not a weakness. Acknowledging their presence goes a long way and strengthens our interpersonal relationship.

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