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Bastiani and Rivituso: Sustainability At Its Finest

Bastiani and Rivituso: Sustainability At Its Finest

The two Italian Designer Matteo Bastiani and Chiara Rivituso are giving us a sustainable vision. The couple uses different wrappers to be a cover for different iconic brands of bags. They used  different kinds of product wrappers to cover a bag — empowering the silhouette of the bags like Dior, Jacquemus, Fendi, Prada and many more. Before, you can see only the bags fine leathers but when the two touches it you’ll see the fun and sustainability within.

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Mix and match. The fashion sense of the two is ultimately sustainable. They just don’t save fashion but also the world by reusing the plastic and cardboard wrappers. Their take on things is so eco-friendly on how to re-use and re-cycle things mixed up with visions. They both mix and match their talent with advocacy about saving planet earth.

Sustainability. It’s a big talk between the fashion heads around the globe about sustainable fashion. When we talk about the sustainable fashion, it’s about consuming and the consumers. Even though sustainability is all about being sustainable, the main purpose of it is finding effective alternatives.

Photo from Insider

Diversity. Matteo Bastiani and Chiara Rivituso really did a profound mindset about their diversity. This is an example of how the two are profoundly diverse and talented.

Maybe this is the time to open our eyes. To all my fellow fashionistas and earthlings out there, maybe this is the time to act, to recycle, and to reuse things.

Rivituso and Bastiani are a good example of what sustainability in fashion really is.


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