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Attain your new ‘green’ resolutions with these local IG shops

Attain your new ‘green’ resolutions with these local IG shops

As the new year starts, you might have listed the goals you want to accomplish or new experiences you want to try. But why don’t you include having a sustainable lifestyle? Not only does it improve your health and life choices but it also fulfills your social responsibility. Creating a positive impact on the environment by reducing your footprint through wise shopping.

But with the restricted movements due to the pandemic, you might have missed going to sustainable shops, but don’t worry because we got you covered.  As part of Zero Waste Month, we’ve rounded up these Instagram shops to help you achieve your goal of sustainable living!


If you’re looking for a one-stop eco-friendly shop, then your search is over. From home essentials to toiletries, even furniture! Lieu offers alternative solutions to the worsening pollution. Most of its products are made of bamboo, coconut coir, and abaca—making them renewable yet affordable.

You might be also one of those who love to watch satisfying ASMR packaging videos. But because Lieu is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, your package comes in recycled paperboards. Indeed, a must-visit online shop if you’re aiming for a zero-waste lifestyle this year.

One thing’s for sure in Lieu, it strongly believes that PLASTIC IS UGLY. Well, as we should, too.


If you’re a pet owner, you might have the daily routine of dealing with your pet’s stool. When you’re outdoors, experts recommend using bags to dispose of the waste for proper hygiene. But that doesn’t mean you’re free to contribute to this major source of waste.

With their “sustainability promise,” resPAWnsible is here to guide you! This pet- and eco-friendly shop offers poop bag rolls and poop bags dispenser, easing your everyday struggle. These products are made of cornstarch resin making them certified compostable and plant-based.

Grab these bags as you emBARK towards eco-conscious living.


Starting your zero-waste journey doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising with your fashion style. Through its stylish signature pieces, Floreia lets you do both as it brings fashion and sustainability together!

This local accessory shop sells handcrafted and biodegradable products such as necklaces and earrings. Through the use of patented paper-based innovation NuCast, it can “mimic textures” of materials like stone and metal.

“Floreia changes the landscape with its conscious resolve to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials and methods completed with ethical and inclusive collaboration with artisan communities,” it stated on an Instagram story.

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Coast PH

Almost everyone has phones that there are way more of them than people in the world. This also means a great accumulation of discarded cases made out of plastics ends up in the landfill—and worse, bodies of water.

With Coast PH, you can protect not just your phone, but the planet as well! Aiming to provide stylish but biodegradable phone cases, the materials used to make these are bamboo and wheat

Apart from phone cases, this sustainable local shop sells other accessories such as woven rattan pop sockets, AirPods cases, and phone card holders. These products are delivered through reusable Sisal packaging, a plant-based material as well.

But aside from that, Coast PH has more to offer as for every item sold, one tree planted! What will you purchase can help fund reforestation projects in the country. In its first month since it has been launched, it was able to plant 350 trees—a case for a cause!

Manifest your sustainable new year’s resolutions by also supporting our very own local businesses!

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