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MUST VISIT: Escolta, Manila’s Sustainable Shops

MUST VISIT: Escolta, Manila’s Sustainable Shops

Do you know the perfect one-stop sustainable shops for environmentally conscious people? Or maybe those who have a knack for collecting anything vintage? You’re doing Earth a favor either way!

Introducing HUB Make Lab, which prides itself on micro-businesses that offer art, locally-made items, vintage finds, and sustainable products.

Currently operating at the First United Building in Escolta, you might consider dropping by on your errand day! Check out these sustainable shops that are just right around the corner.

Halamanan PH

Halamanan PH’s Sulit Seeds

First, we have a shop for lovers of homegrown food who might want to get organic. Halamanan PH sells sulit (affordable) seeds to plant in your garden. Imagine, with three packets of seeds for only P100, you can buy kale, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, and other vegetables at a low cost. By growing your own food, you save yourself a trip to the grocery store.

Project Happiness Manila

Project Happiness Manila Stall

Next, is for those who like ornamental plants. Project Happiness Manila offers succulents for those who want to beautify their homes with greens. Their stall carries handmade bookmarks, handcrafted mugs, and spa-themed packages of “self-care” items like tea. Doesn’t that sound therapeutic?


Kahilom’s Water Hyacinth Slippers

Meanwhile, try to revamp your wardrobe by adding unique pieces to your style. For instance, Kahilom offers alternative products that are crafted locally, like their water hyacinth slippers and bags. Undoubtedly, this comfortable yet chic style is a guarantee that you will be serving looks! Since everyone is still advised to stay at home, you can shop at Kahilom online for other essentials.


MULI’s Teacup Sets

Would you fancy a cup of tea? Perhaps, your afternoon drink would taste a little better with MULI‘s curated collection of chinaware and ceramics. MULI thrift shop offers high-quality locally-sourced crockery pieces that range from elegant teacups and saucers to “mangkok” (bowl) sets. Either purely decorative or functional, these would surely be a great addition to your family’s tableware.

Glorious Dias

Glorious Dias’s Mirror Wall

Last is for the non-fans of fast fashion that remains to be a serious contributor to environmental pollution. Thankfully, vintage clothing is all the rave! Glorious Dias’ rack consists of finely curated thrift clothes, locally-made garments, and a collection of fun quirky accessories.

Although thrifting became the trend among younger generations, we should remember that our key goal here is to reduce our carbon footprint, hence sustainable shopping. By not giving in to the temptation of buying new clothes we would never wear, you help reduce textile waste.

Through an interview with Jodi, a representative of Glorious Dias, he insists thrifting should be a long-term solution to sustainability.

“I don’t think it’s something that should be a trend. It’s something that should be a long-term solution to sustainability, whatever it might mean to individuals.”

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Moreover, second-hand shopping is something that everyone can practice. On that note, if you are an avid shopper who tends to hoard clothes on sale, thrifting is a wise option!

Clearly, a sustainable lifestyle looks different to everyone. It should be noted that we do not need to throw out all the plastics and refuse to buy mass-produced products.

Indeed it is more of living less, exploring eco-friendly alternatives, and forming better shopping decisions.

With local businesses taking action towards the environment and providing eco-friendly alternatives, we can practice mindful living one step at a time.

Lastly, if you want to check out their other stores, please visit their website at:

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