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Klea Pineda had her hair colored to feel some sense of normalcy

Klea Pineda had her hair colored to feel some sense of normalcy


After months of being in lockdown, Kapuso star Klea Pineda has embraced a radical new colored hair to welcome the new normal.

Sometimes people dye their hair because they need change. I’ve never had my hair colored. I just wanted to try something new and something different. Hair color is an identity and when you change it, you gain more confidence. It enhances your mood and makes you feel sexier again,Klea said.


Klea, according to some of her friends, is quite conservative. It takes her quite some time and a little bit of encouragement to change something on her looks especially if she’s so used to it, so this drastic change surprised a lot of people. “I feel like I needed to change something, something striking and exciting. My new hair color is Medium Ashe Blonde. I’ve had jet black hair my entire life. I just showed my peg to my hairstylist Mark Rosales. It was actually done how I wanted it to be and I’m so happy with the outcome,” Klea added.

Mark Rosales is the Creative Director of Marqed Salon and personal hairstylist of some celebrities like Klea.

What can a new look give you?

Most of us can relate as we feel the need to snap out of the uncertainties that the coronavirus pandemic has brought us. We all know the mood-enhancing effects of a new look and dyeing your hair can easily transform your look in an instant. We need to feel some sense of normalcy and that change can give us back that power.

All we want is to somehow change the narrative, even if it’s just within us. That transformation will not only make us look good, but can boost the emotional excitement of what the future holds. Thank you, Klea for inspiring us!  Since the lockdown is almost done, now is the best time to switch up your looks, be daring, and get that power back. To get the same hair color, visit Marqed Salon.


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