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Angela Baltan is the newest Editor-in-Chief of Village Pipol Magazine

Angela Baltan is the newest Editor-in-Chief of Village Pipol Magazine

We, at Village Pipol Magazine, are very pleased to announce that Angela Grace P. Baltan will be joining us as the new Editor-in-Chief, as of March 16, 2021. 

Coming with an impressive qualification as an entertainment news writer and our former editorial associate, Angela does not hesitate to voice her opinions — especially when it comes to movies, television series, and other forms of media. She vows to create content perfect for the publication and to continue the legacy that former EIC Jim Reynold Zamora left behind. 


“I have always been delighted to be a part of Village Pipol Magazine. In 2018, I started as a contributing writer and continued to work my way up as an editorial associate. Now, as the Editor-in-Chief, I assure Village Pipol’s loyal readers to use content to inform, entertain, and educate. I will continue to use this platform to advocate for entities that I value. This includes feminism, gender equality, body positivity, and mental health among others.”

Village Pipol’s PR & Advertising Head Josh Austria expresses his praise towards the new Editor-in-Chief.

PR & Advertising Manager
“Angela already spent two years studying how to work with me and the company. She completely understands how I work and I am glad that she accepted the role. She has always been ‘anybody’ but I have always wanted her to be a ‘somebody’ in this industry. After those two years, I can finally say that this is her time to shine — to lead an editorial board with like-minded individuals.”

Former Editor-in-Chief Jim Reynold Zamora pointed out that such a job had a huge impact on his life. He, then, continues to express his anticipation for Angela’s new role.

Former Editor-in-Chief
“Working with VP for the past three years has changed my life forever. I am just really glad that I had the opportunity to have work with different talented and hardworking people in the industry. I know Village Pipol is in good hands with our new EIC. I am just really excited for Angela’s journey!”

For business purposes, you can always contact Angela through her e-mail ( or her Instagram account (@angelabaltan_). 

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Congratulations, Angela!


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