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All you need to know about Netflix’s new action-comedy ‘Red Notice’

All you need to know about Netflix’s new action-comedy ‘Red Notice’

Mark the date! Red Notice action-comedy-thriller movie is set to premiere on Netflix this November 12. Starring Dwayne Johnson (Skyscraper, Jumanji: The Next Level), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). The movie is written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. He had earlier worked with Johnson on his former movies. This includes Skyscraper and Central Intelligence. Produced by Beau Flynn for FlynnPictureCo; Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia for Seven Bucks Productions; and Thurber.

All you need to know about Netflix’s new action-comedy Red Notice

Red Notice is about an Interpol issuing red alert to hunt down the world’s most-wanted art thief and conman. Johnson will portray as the FBI’s top profiler while Gadot plays an art thief. Meanwhile, Reynolds plays a con artist. The world’s top agent and the two rival criminals who will bring the adventurous heist.

It is also one of the most expensive Netflix movies so far with an estimated cost of $160 million. This is due to the high salaries offered to the three-lead actors. According to a collider report, they will be taking home $20 million each.


The director, actor, and Netflix’s sentiments

Furthermore, the actors also promote and share on their Twitter account about Red Notice. Johnson and Gadot wrote in their tweets that this is the biggest Netflix movie ever. Concurrently, Reynolds compliments his co-actors.

Meanwhile, the head of Netflix Film, Scott Stubber, praised the writer and director of the movie.

“Rawson wrote a spectacular globetrotting action-adventure film. We can’t wait to bring this story and this Dream Team of movie stars, Dwayne, Ryan and Gal, to audiences around the world.”

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Moreover, Thurber is also excited about the film and acknowledges Netflix.

 “I’m beyond thrilled to be making Red Notice with Scott Stuber and Netflix — a company that believes in filmmakers and big ideas for a global audience.”

Johnson also commends Red Notice for having a dynamic script which he and his co-actors can’t wait to shoot. It is because of the fun they would be having while making the film. But most important the fun for the worldwide audience eagerly waiting for the most-awaited movie.

My perceptions and expectations

Seeing the three-lead actors of Red Notice work together in one big project is undeniably great. We all know how famous the name of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds is in the showbiz industry. All of them are successful in their career. Uniting them in one film will produce high-end quality and a megahit film.

I am not into cliché and predictable stories. I hope this movie will bring me to their world and feel like I am one of them. It is satisfying that every movie I watch would meet what I hope and look forward to the storyline.

Yet, I am sure that Red Notice would go beyond what I expect.

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