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After taking hiatus, Shockra comeback for an epic banger new song ‘Operation 10-90’

After taking hiatus, Shockra comeback for an epic banger new song ‘Operation 10-90’

Filipino hip-hop group Shockra makes a comeback with a heist-themed music video for their new song, Operation 10-90, released under the Sony Music Philippines.

The 10-minute epic banger short film features the member rappers of Shockra. These include Abaddon, Crazymix, Flict-G, Tuglaks, Kial, Numerhus, Smugglaz, and Inozent. Directed by rising creative filmmaker REIKA (Aya Reika Mayani) and Sony Music Philippines director of photography, Emil Malli.

After taking hiatus, Shockra come back for an epic banger new song Operation 10-90

The heist-themed film of Shockra blends the hard-hitting beats produced by Jan-C and Tha Black  G. According to Flict G, after taking hiatus to focus on their individual career they finally find the beat to return.

“It took us two years to find the perfect beat for our comeback single… After finally deciding on the overall direction for this particular song, we decided to discuss and go ahead with our plan. We’re inspired by ‘90s action films, and somehow, we wanted to incorporate that vibe in our brand of provocative hip-hop sound.”

Moreover, the female director explained how she turned Shockra’s idea into a cinematic yet interesting thriller. She also stated how grateful she is to the group for having a clear vision of their objectives in the music video. Everyone works hard and gives their best shot at Shockra’s comeback single.

In line with these, Shocka also admires REIKA for respecting their vision on track. Flict G stated how the director carefully takes into consideration their perspectives and opinions.

“Unlike other directors, she’s very receptive to our opinions. I also admire her team’s professionalism and commitment to deliver a quality, timeless material that complements the music’s thematic bigness.”

Furthermore, the hip-hop group also stated that the heist-themed series doesn’t end on robbery. They have more episodes to release on Operation 10-90 that will complete the series. It doesn’t only the visuals but also the quality of the song they want to give to everyone.

In their new song, Shockra smoothly executed their characters as gang robberies in their intense action series. With their excellent collective music interest, they set the gold standard in hip-hop-making films.

Stream Shockra’s Operation 10-90 on Youtube and all available on music digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

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