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3 Netflix Series Perfect For Themed Parties 

3 Netflix Series Perfect For Themed Parties 


Parties, games, and costumes? You will need them! 

Netflix produces amazing binge-worthy series, like the popular science fiction and mystery Stranger Things. Moreover, the famous streaming platform also houses series with remarkable stories and concepts. Very unforgettable, they never fail to inspire great parties. 

Here are the Three Netflix Series You Must Pick as a Theme for Your Next Party:

Bridgerton for a Delightful Soirée

Dearest lovely reader, you are cordially invited to an intimate evening gathering. So you must wear your best suit or dress embroidered with grace. Oh and please, do not forget your fair share of gossip.

Photo | @bridgerton/Netflix

Set during the British Regency era, Bridgerton took style and soirée on another level of its own. Bringing a selection of luscious looks and decorative set designs anyone would wish to experience. If you prefer formal yet fancy house parties, this series will be your greatest guide. Just prepare your fabulous gowns, dazzling pieces of jewelry, and extravagant table setups (and dear, fill them with sweet treats). Without a doubt, your party shall be photo-worthy.

Photo | @bridgerton/Netflix

Squid Game for a Playful Party

“The game is Red Light, Green Light.” Do not move. Or else you will not get the prize. But if you want to run and continue partying, you may. Actually, you must. This is just a game, friend.

Photo | @squidgame/Netflix

Occasions become extra fun because of the games and prizes. For instance, the Squid Gamefocuses on the 456 broke players playing leveled-up children’s games to win a staggering amount of prize money. The “broke players” part certainly sounds sketchy but do not worry because the games are worth playing. Considering how challenging the matches can be, this theme also calls for bigger venues and loads of energy. So if you prefer a celebration as eventful as Squid Game, plan that party now!

Photo | @squidgamenetflix

Trese for a Mystical Costume Party

Tabi-tabi po, mga Kaluluwa! The mystical costume party starts right now. Therefore, you must channel your inner Alexandra Trese. Dress up like a badass mandirigmang-babaylan and exhibit the true spirit of costume parties—courage and clothes.

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Photo | @chrissendro/Netflix

On the other hand, you can also go for a more elaborate transformation. You can show up as the masked demigod twin brothers—The Kambal, the dwarf-like creature that emerges from a manhole—Nuno, or the raging ball of fire—Santelmo. No worries because Trese has a wide selection of characters to choose from. 

Photo | @tresenetflix/Netflix

Trese, an anime series that centers on the fight of Alexandra Trese to keep the peace between humans and folklore creatures, definitely screams Halloween. However, it can also be a theme for other events like birthdays or reunions. Just don’t forget to turn the lights low and play UDD’s Paagi for an enchanting atmosphere.

Every now and then, one needs to enjoy life as if it is their last. So what are you waiting for? Send the invitations now!

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