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Zack Tabudlo Meets Lauv

Zack Tabudlo Meets Lauv

Zack Tabdulo, the rising OPM artist, posted a photo with Lauv, the American singer-songwriter, in a recording studio. 

In an Instagram post, the two are standing close to each other while forming a heart shape with their hands, on May 13. 

There are some rumors that the two are planning to collaborate on a song. If you’re an avid fan of Zack and Lauv, spotting them together will swoon you. 

These two artists may lend themselves well to music collaboration which could translate into success with their fans. 

Once the two Zack and Lauv decide to collab, they will definitely produce an artistically crafted album that you are eagerly awaiting to listen to. 

Zack’s and Lauv’s distinctive genre

Zack Tabudlo has a unique vocal style and heart-rending lyrics. His most-streamed single was “Pano” with almost 65 million views and “Habang Buhay” with 46 million views on Youtube.

He continues to make a remarkable impact on local and international charts. 

Meanwhile, Lauv is known for his wildly popular track ‘I like me better” with 326 million views on Youtube. His songs induce varying moods on love, loss, and loneliness that connect to a personal level to his fans. 

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Lauv is fond of teaming up with other music artists. In fact, the song “I’m so tired…” with Troye Sivan was a hit collab. 

Perfect Duo?

It is not possible that Filipino music artists Zack Tabudlo and American, Lauv will join forces to create a new song soon. 

In an era of isolation and self-quarantine, a mood of melancholy may set in. The only way to cope with this is to listen to their songs that give soothing and catchy melodies. 

Zack’s quintessential love songs will bode well with Lauv’s emotive, pop tunes that you should not miss out to hear. 

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