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YOU can do things to protect the earth


YOU can do things to protect the earth

As we age, our body changes. We have to take extra good care of it to maintain the same energy, strength, and posture. So that when we get older, we can still stay young and feel young; the same goes for protecting the earth. 

Let’s think of the earth as if it’s our body. If there are things that can damage us now and in the long run, we will do something to change them. We take an action. It could be taking exercise, eating healthy food, and creating good habits. 

How can you protect the earth?

We’ve been taught since we were kids that we should take care of our earth. Today is the day to actually do it. It’s also your responsibility to take good of it by doing these: 

1. Segregate your bin properly

The classic 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Sometimes, when we go to the public, there’s already a segregated bin for our trash. The only thing we could do was to follow it. Choose whether your trash is either one of the 3Rs. 

Reducing trash means reducing the quantity we produce; reusing is for finding a new method to utilize it so we don’t have to toss it away; recycling is for repurposing it to create new things that can be sold again.

2. Conserve water and electricity

Instead of letting the water run, you can use a bucket to store the water you need, especially if you’re not using it. Moreover, you can unplug the appliances you don’t use. The less electricity and water you use, the less it is to waste. 

3. Avoid using plastic as much as possible

When going to the mall, shop wisely- bringing a reusable eco-bag instead of plastic. By simply using a single eco-bag, you can possibly eliminate 1000 plastic bags in the future by bringing one today.

You must also bring reusable water bottles and cups instead of buying plastic ones. Most people are already doing it, so you might as well hop into the trend and practice going green. 

4. Drive less

If you are going somewhere not too far, you may walk, jog, or bike instead of using a car. You can reduce 11% of gas emissions that could cause deforestation. 

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5. Plant a tree

Each year, there are 900 million trees cut down. That is about 2.47 million trees a day. And that’s a huge about of oxygen we lose daily. Plus the foods, and other benefits it gives to us. Therefore, the earth needs more trees today. 

You may start volunteering for your community or simply use Ecosia as your new search engine. It has the same feature as Google, but it has a different purpose. Because for every 45 searches you make, that’s equivalent to 1 tree. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. 

Only us, you, and our loved ones would benefit if we took good care of the earth now as if we were taking care of our bodies. 

As Vincent Van Gogh said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Thus, carrying eco-bags, proper waste segregation, saving electricity and water, using a different search engine, and more can bring greater impact to our earth. 

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