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We can’t get enough of BTS’ Dynamite and here’s why!

We can’t get enough of BTS’ Dynamite and here’s why!


K-pop superstars BTS are back with a new single called “Dynamite,” and we literally can’t get enough of it! Its music video which premiered last Friday, August 21 set an all-time high record after racking up a total of 101.1 million views on YouTube for the first 24 hours upon its release. Consequently, it also topped Spotify’s streaming lists and broke records of several music charts including iTunes.

For the first time since the group’s debut, the new song presented a fresh offering as the lyrics are entirely in English. Accompanied by a bright, color-studded music video, “Dynamite” is sure to get you hooked visually and acoustically.

We then share with you our favorite features in the music video and why we just can’t get enough of them!

BTS in major retro vibes

The overall feels of the video takes us back to the early years where vintage and classics are the norms. We evidently see this in their outfits that feature flared jeans, washed denims, and tucked-in polos. In the same manner, their dance routine incorporates a step that points a finger upward and alternately downward with the other. Such a step is reminiscent of John Travolta’s signature move in Saturday Night Fever – a classic retro dance film. With the mentioned concurrences, we can’t help but feel transported to the early era.

Color motif

The vibrant colors of pastel automatically make “Dynamite” a total eye candy. We especially love the color explosion at the bridge part of the song where a key change was made. It effectively contributed to visually hyping up the overall tone of the song, and we have never felt more energized!


Abundant playful moments among members

Throughout the song, the seven members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook goof around while pulling off smooth dance moves. You can sense that their great chemistry on screen is a manifestation of their strong camaraderie toward each other. Our spirits are instantly lifted up because of their contagious bubbly energy and positivity.


Feel-good catchy tune

Dynamite gives us a refreshing disco-pop melody that is easily catchy and likable. The repetitive beats offer a tempo recall that will undoubtedly make you dance along with. Listen to the song’s hook after the second chorus and catch the L.S.S. bug. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

Paying homage to some of the most iconic people in the world

Viewers and fans alike were quick to point out that many of the poses and dance moves in the video suggest Michael Jackson’s signature style. In fact, the part where Jimin dances outside the donut shop appears to be synchronized to one of Jackson’s performances.

Jungkook’s bedroom also featured posters of classic rock stars like The Beatles, Queen, and David Bowie. The same can be seen on the record store where RM does his first verse. A Guns N’ Roses poster is notably hung on the side of the wall. There were also references to artists like Billy Idol, The B-52s, and Wham!

A variety of posters in Jungkook’s bedroom set. Insider/Big Hit Labels/YouTube

RM in the record store. Insider/Big Hit Labels/YouTube

Still missing out on the new K-Pop craze? Check the music video down below and let us know if you feel just the same!


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