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Three tricks to make walking in heels more comfortable

Three tricks to make walking in heels more comfortable

It’s the holiday season. And, here comes the inevitable part — dressing up. Heels aren’t usually a part of our daily footwear rotation. And, understandably, the pain that we experience from these gorgeous killer heels can ruin our night. If you’re wearing a pair o go to a holiday party, you have to walk around, stand while mingling, and even go to the dance floor. These acts will make your feet feel like they went to hell and back the very next day, maybe even once you take them off. 

So, I scoured the internet and looked for a few tricks to make walking in heels more comfortable.

Break them in.

Avert the crisis by following a few hacks or tricks to break in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. We’ve all had our fair share of uncomfortable shoes. The easiest and quickest way to break in a pair of new heels may be putting on a thick pair of socks (double it), putting on that uncomfortable pair of shoes, and using the hair dryer to blow hot air into it. The thicker socks and the heat will mold the heels comfortably around your feet. Hopefully, this averts the crisis of having blisters at the end of the day. 

Confidence is the key. 

Walking in a pair of heels isn’t the same thing as walking in a pair of flats. You need strategy and confidence. Start with the heel first to make your walk look as natural as possible. Then, resist the urge to lean forward as it will balance out your weight, and make sure to raise your chin up. 

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Do not speed-walk.

Sure, it’s tempting to walk in heels at the same speed as you would usually do while you walk in flats or sneakers. But, take your time and go at your own pace. It will look less awkward if you don’t rush going from heel to toe. It can also add to your confidence. So, slow down your walk. 

There are so many things that will make wearing heels more bearable. You can use heel grips, liquid bandages, foot inserts, or blister bandages. But, overall, be prepared. 

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