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VALORANT Nuisance — Relatable Things “Hardstuck” Iron Players Face

VALORANT Nuisance — Relatable Things “Hardstuck” Iron Players Face

Every player’s nightmare starts when they get hardstuck. The feeling that, no matter how hard they try or whatever they do, they cannot climb up from their certain ranks. This indicates a 50% chance of winning in their current elo, thus, being completely stuck. No one escapes in this struggle including Valorant players. So, here are the things hardstuck Iron players face in Valorant.

Relatable Things Hardstuck Iron Players Face


Unfamiliar with Maps

Photo from: TheGlobalGaming

Iron has a lot of new players along with hardstuck players. The reason these two cannot get out quickly on Iron elo is that they do not familiarize themselves with the map. Knowing the map gives players a great advantage to hide in the best spot or a precise lineup of skills. Also, high elo players who familiarize themselves on every map can predict where enemies might come out.

Bad Crosshair Placement

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Aiming too high or too low cannot get a player a kill. A player should aim at the head level of the enemy at all times. Another factor that affects the crosshair placement is the sensitivity of the game. Reduce or increase the sensitivity by going to the settings. There, a player can adjust it based on their preferred gameplay.

Not Checking and Peeking Every Corner

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As an Iron player myself, I still forget to check on every corner when peeking. Checking corners in Valorant makes a player nearly unkillable since enemies get the disadvantage when camping. On the other hand, peeking makes the player move in and out of the enemy’s line of sight. Peeking ensures that agents can kill an enemy while making themselves difficult to eliminate.

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Almost No Control in Recoil

Photo from: Dot Esports

This one gets me every single time. If you click too long on the mouse while shooting, chances are, you are more likely to miss the enemy. Valorant has different guns with different recoil strengths. So, a player must shoot at least only 5-7 bullets per click to every smg, heavy, and rifle. If this does not go right, prepare to get killed.

Smurf Accounts!

High elo players smurfing is, believe it or not, the most infuriating thing low elo players encounter. Players engage in smurfing to prove their skill against opponents of lower skill levels and to give themselves a deceitful sense of accomplishment. This makes smurfs dominate in lower elo ranked matches, thus ruining the experience for the majority of players. So, if your rank does not fall under the category of Iron, please just let us enjoy the game.

Being good at something takes time. Just keep in mind to have fun while doing it. Keep your aim up and who knows, you might ace it!

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