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Using these tips, your groceries’ shelf life lasts longer

Using these tips, your groceries’ shelf life lasts longer

It goes beyond stocking up on the essentials. Interested in extending the shelf life of your groceries? Well, lucky you, we’ve gathered tips from Chef Victor Barangan on ways to store them in order to extend their freshness for as long as possible.

In an episode of GMA Public Affairs’ “New Normal,” they taught us what we need to know to make fruits, veggies, bread/pastries, and meat last longer!

As for fruits, Chef Victor suggest we separate ripe ones from the unripe, for them to have the time to mature, “‘Pag hinog naman na pwede na natin siya ilagay sa ating chiller para ma-maintain ang sweetness niya, di na siya tumuloy.”

Groceries storage tips

Tomatoes are to be treated the same way as well as banana, they need to be inspected individually before storing into a bunch. Once they are ‘hinog,’ that’s when you can keep them together.

Veggies, especially the green and leafy ones, should be wrapped in foil to avoid air exposure.

“‘Pag exposed naman siya sa chiller, mapapansin niyo na biglang malalanta na lang. Sa storage, pwede natin siyang ibalot sa foil para hindi siya natatamaan ng hangin. Kasi minsan ‘yun ‘yung cause bakit siya nalalanta,” Chef Victor said.

In the absence of foil, containers of coffee packs or creamers, and the like, can be repurposed.

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Bread and pastries are simple to handle as they only need to be placed inside a chiller, “Mapo-prolong ang shelf niyan, siguro mga five to six days, pwede pa yan.”

Meat, on the other hand, are to be put in tupperwares instead of the plastic they came with when bought.

“Manipis ‘yan eh, so pag na-freeze yan sa freezer…ang tendency, baka mabutas lang. O kaya baka ‘pag tinamaan ng ibang frozen items baka masira lang din. So we need a sturdy plastic,” he said.

In addition, meat is best enjoyed when you stored them for a week and be cooked within that span.

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