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This shop offers a healthier alternative drink and supports local farmers

This shop offers a healthier alternative drink and supports local farmers

The rise of the pandemic triggered a huge toll on the general health of the people worldwide. As such, strengthening one’s resistance has become a global standard. Eating nutritious food, taking in vitamins, and regularly exercising help boost our immune system. Likewise, if you are looking for alternatives, drinking tea is also recommended because of its numerous health benefits. Celestea, a local tea shop offers organic and artisanal herbal teas. Its owner, Melvene Holly Celeste shares that the brand intends to provide healthier [drinks] options for Filipinos at an affordable price.

Photo by @stillsundayco | Celestea PH Instagram

Celestea: A multi-platform for good causes

Founded in 2018, Celestea aspires to be a brand that would also become a platform for supporting small local farmers. As such, efforts to expand their line-up of locally-grown teas are currently in the works. Moreover, as a commercial product, Celestea wants to promote a healthier but affordable [drink] option for the Filipinos.

Generosity, humility, and love for mankind

Melvene thinks that as businesses aim to gain better profits, competition and greed inevitably take over. However, as a devout Baha’i (a religious faith whose fundamentals emanates from the oneness of God and mankind) she operates differently. Generosity, humility, and love for mankind are the principles that enabled her to ensure that partner farmers are equitably remunerated. In addition, they assure that clients are satisfied with their products and service, and inquiries are being accommodated.

Asked for advice to relatively new entrepreneurs, Melvene considers working collaboratively and generously toward partners and clients as very important. She emphasizes on the steep competition, but reminds that “when people feel a brand is genuine in its altruistic aims, they will support your cause.” She then furthers that there are no shortcuts to success, and the process is necessary to an enduring growth.

Photo by @stillsundayco | Celestea PH Instagram

To purchase their products, head on to their website, www.celestea.co. You may also connect with them on Instagram, @celesteaph for more inquiries.

Time to get healthy! One cup of hot tea, please?

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