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Another Pampanga gem is Tita Joyce’s Chichi products

Another Pampanga gem is Tita Joyce’s Chichi products

The chismis is true! Pampanga is the home of some of the country’s finest food and we’re sharing with you our recent and most worth it find: Tita Joyce’s Chicharon.

Tita Joyce’s Chicharon

Quarantine has introduced us to small businesses with big potentials and we’re lucky enough to be able to try this gem all the way from Pampanga that sells authentic bagnet & mushroom chichi (chicharon chips)!
While talking to Tita Joyce herself via email, we felt somehow “at home” with her story of how the business concept came about. Hence, the name, I guess!
“While thinking of a name and trying to do our logo, my niece is making kulit and wants to play with me. That’s when I thought of Tita Joyce PH – your tita who can be your source of fresh chichi (not chismis, but chicharon chips!)”
Chicharon has always been regarded as a staple snack for Filipinos and it will be part of every household’s occasional food ritual.

Crispy bagnet chichi

Tita Joyce thought that she can still level up this snack and so the birth of crispy bagnet chichi.
“Our bagnet chichi is very versatile — it has special “laman” that is perfect to upgrade any ulam/ dish, may it be ginisang kalabasa, suam na mais (Filipino Fresh Corn Soup) or even Bagnet Karekare.”
In fact, their chichis promise to turn boring dishes to something exciting and mouthwatering! They have a wide selection to choose from that cater to every member of the family, be it young and old, or on a strict diet or not!
“Our mushroom chichi — guilt free & healthy snack are very tanders (old people) friendly. With only 130 calories per pack, you can enjoy and satisfy your chicharon cravings. Both chichi variants are also perfect for your Keto diet. Kids favorite is the cheese flavor, plain (salt/peper) for the oldies & sourcream/ salted egg for the millennials. If you are driving to work or to home & you are quite hungry, you can munch on the chichi & it will instantly make you feel good.”
Really putting in the dedication in every pack, Tita Joyce made sure that the enemy, which is the word kunat, is out of the picture, of course!

Good quality packaging

Tita Joyce’s chichi is each prepared in a resealable pack, which you can lock if ever you can’t consume all in one sitting (we highly doubt you can’t though).
Their mushroom chichi are made of fresh oysters from a farm in San Simon, Pampanga, it is the special secret batter that makes the mushroom chichi crispy and tasty. On the other hand, the bagnet chichi comes from high-quality pork, sliced evenly to keep the “laman,” deep-fried in oil until golden brown – then the spices are added for the original & spicy flavor which makes it different from other chicharon in the market.
She promises that their food products can always make your day better, crunchier, and more exciting. A pack of chichi can be your perfect companion anywhere, work from home or office work, Netflix & chill, lunch & dinner, inuman or e-numan. Add in any ulam, eat it with rice & suka, or even munch it as is.”
You can find Tita Joyce on Instagram and Shopee with their chichis priced at below P200! Yes, all that goodness for an affordable amount. You wouldn’t feel guilty splurging!
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