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These Miss Earth 2022 contestants bear resemblance to MJ Lastimosa and Taylor Swift and we totally see it!

These Miss Earth 2022 contestants bear resemblance to MJ Lastimosa and Taylor Swift and we totally see it!

These Miss Earth 2022 contestants are gaining popularity for looking like Taylor Swift and MJ Lastimosa

Miss Earth 2022 certainly has one of strongest batch in the pageant’s history. We mean, how could it not be when MJ Lastimosa and Taylor Swift are competing? Of course, we’re just kidding!

While these two famous celebrities are not, in anyway, competing in the pageant, their doppelgangers definitely are!

Recently, both Miss Earth Mexico Indira Meneses and Miss Earth Australia Sheridan Mortlock have found themselves trending online. This is because of how similar they look to both the former beauty queen and the multi-awarded singer.

As you continue scrolling down, you’ll see and won’t even believe how much they look exactly alike.

From Universe to Earth?

As a hardworking queen that she is, who would have thought that MJ Lastimosa would give pageantry another try? Definitely, not her!

With edits and memes sprawling from left to right, both Miss Mexico and MJ hopped on in the fun.

Yesterday, November 19, during Miss Mexico’s birthday celebration, she received a special treat. MJ made a surprise visit and met her ‘sister’ in person! Talk about colliding the earth and the universe together.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if MJ didn’t have Miss Mexico as her photographer, right? Well, take a look at this!

With her stamp of approval, it’s safe to say that we’ll be supporting Miss Mexico all the way.

Miss Mexico is Indira Perez Meneses and she is a 23-year-old Newspaper Columnist and Model. Through her project, Communicate Green, Indira utilizes her profession to raise awareness towards collective responsibility in fighting for our planet. With platforms such as conferences, radio, television, and social media, she seeks to disseminate the importance of environmental education.

blank spACE

After the release of her hit album, Midnights, it seems like Taylor Swift is off to break another record, but in pageantry?

Both having the same golden locks and striking facial features, Miss Australia could easily be mistaken as Miss Swift herself. Embracing this comparison, Miss Australia didn’t pass on the opportunity to hit the stage and perform.

Not only did she succeed in getting our attention through her singing, but she also won our hearts!

Coincidentally, Miss Australia chose to dress in a Swift Parrot-inspired outfit for her Fauna costume.

Australia’s Sheridan Mortlock is 22 years-old and is working as a Model while studying International Relations & Politics.

For her advocacy, she coined the term A.C.E. which means Action, Care, and Education. Understanding that climate change and environmental problems are interconnected, she feels that it is crucial that we instill ACE in our lives. By educating ourselves and taking care of the environment, we can finally act and help solve these concerns.

Miss Earth will be crowning its newest queen on November 29. We’re wishing the absolute luck to these crowd darlings! May you both have a successful turnout, and we can’t wait to see you two shine!

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