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We Should Prefer to Be More ‘Green-Minded’

We Should Prefer to Be More ‘Green-Minded’

I want to be green-minded. Maybe it should be everyone’s goal. I believe that to be green-minded is to be human. Before judging me, make sure you understand what being green-minded is.

The Urban dictionary defines the term green-minded as someone who has the tendency to give innocent phrases a sexual connotation. It originated as Filipino slang. Later on, it has been adopted by the modern slanguage. However, before the term was carnalized, it had an entirely opposite meaning.

Green-minded was originally coined pertaining to an ecologically conscious person. Someone who cares for the environment enough to do something about its undeniable annihilation.

Thinking about it, maybe both definitions of the term have similarities. The environment now has its sexual connotation brought about by its “most intelligent” inhabitants. It is being sexualized, raped, and abused by the very people that are supposed to take care of it.

The Problem the Earth Faces

The deterioration of the Earth is already happening whether we like it or not. We do not need to be bombarded by Science and statistics to prove that we have to act for the environment. What is happening around us are proof enough. The polar ice caps are melting. This means rising sea levels, increased heat waves, and more unpredictable weather.

In addition, more obvious effects include less habitat for species in the north pole. If you are not convinced yet, the COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect example of how climate change affects us. The destruction of animals’ habitats forces them to live near humans. Hence, zoonotic diseases or diseases come from animals.

However, these are not the problems the Earth faces, these are our problems. The only hindrance for the Earth to prosper is us, humans.

Wake Up People

People are only aware that there is an ecological imbalance happening in the world and that is it. They feel guilt for a time, but they are not disturbed. Because if they are, a solution must have been done by now. The biological problem of the Earth, at this very moment, continues. As you read right now, a school of fish is being poisoned by chemicals thrown in bodies of water.

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The problem is escalating. It did not deescalate even for a time. We cannot bring back the melted ice caps or the thickness of our Ozone Layer, all we can do is stop these problems from intensifying.

What We Can Do About It

We are all experiencing environmental changes. Solving these problems requires hand-in-hand solutions. National and international institutions must provide long-term as much as short-term solutions. Prevention from worsening should be the priority. Also, a cure for what is already happening must be a target of climate conventions.

As civilians, what we can do is be fully informed of the issues and listen to the solution of experts. Joining movements that have a proposed realistic solution could also be a huge help for us to urge those in power. You may think that an act is small but collectively, it can literally be just the thing that can save the Earth.

I encourage you to be a green-minded person and remove the negative connotation that comes with it. Advocate for climate justice because the Earth is rooting for you.

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