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The Different Faces of Wednesday Addams

The Different Faces of Wednesday Addams

Charles Addams first developed the gothic character Wednesday Addams. The character was given a name in 1964 when the surface was made into a live-action television series. Addams named her based on a children’s rhyme.

Her characteristic black outfit and frightening and spooky theme song (with required snapping) continue to set them apart from the TV and film fake family crowd.

And, it appears we cannot get enough of the Addams family decades after their debut in The New Yorker in 1938. The first-born Addams child marks the premiere of a new Addams family Netflix series centered on Morticia and Gomez’s exciting daughter.

She is the family member who has gone through the most significant transformation. Her age and the characteristics of her personality vary between portrayals.

The Wednesday television series provides us with the delightfully dark teen we all adore. However, let’s examine how she has evolved over the years, for better or worse.

The Different Faces of Wednesday Addams

Lisa Loring (1964)

Vic Mizzy’s theme song made the 1964 black-and-white TV show famous. The Addams Family was a two-season macabre and dark comedy. Lisa Loring was the first live-action, Wednesday Addams. Loring was just six when she played the character, making her the youngest. Her aloof personality set the tone for future generations. She kept dangerous animals as pets and cut doll heads like Mariah Antoinette.

Christina Ricci (1991)

Christina Ricci famously played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, garnering her fame. Her portrayal of the first-born Addams child has even made her a cultural icon. The film series and cast became classics. Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston played Gomez and Morticia Addams, respectively. Ricci’s portrayal of the character in the sequel remains one of the best.

Nicole Fugere (1998)

Several years after Ricci’s portrayal as Wednesday Addams, a new Addams family television series premiered. The New Addams Family was a 1998 revival. On the program, Furgere’s supernatural abilities were never fully explored. However, she retained her scary personality. The direct-to-video comedic horror children’s film Addams Family Reunion premiered in the same year as the series. The return of Fugere occurred on the character.

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Chloë Grace Moretz (2019)

The Addams family would return in animated form. The Addams Family, a 2019 computer-animated supernatural black comedy, moved to New Jersey. Wednesday Addams’ voice is Cho Grace Moretz. She has a new look, but she’s still creepy. Mortez’s monotone voice matched her emotionlessness.

Jenna Ortega (2022)

Before 2022 even ends, Jenna Ortega plays a macabre teenager. The new series focuses on Wednesday, with Morticia and Gomez as supporting characters. Meanwhile, Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones play her parents.

Her debut solo storyline sees her as a grown teen attending Nevermore Academy after the series altered her origin tale. In this new adaptation, she utilizes her psychic talents to solve a local murder and a mystery about her parents.

Her character was more intelligent than the average youngster, yet she couldn’t levitate. The series gave this young sleuth more emotional range and a near-relationship. Her first kiss was a Hyde. She cries for Thing, cuddles Enid, and praises Gomez’s parenting.

It was a fresh perspective on the character with an ending that sets up future seasons. Wednesday Addams remains a dangerous child.

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