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TARGET: Life Lessons from Assassination Classroom

TARGET: Life Lessons from Assassination Classroom

Intimidating, brow-raising, rated violence, these are the few things that you probably felt or thought of when you first heard the anime Assassination Classroom. Well, it’s the same with me and I never thought that the odd mixture of the words “assassination” and “classroom” can give off a whole lot of lessons. Realizing some things that are not only about school, but life in general. WARNING: May contain spoilers.

Odd Life Lessons from Assassination Classroom

The target, their teacher

A distinct color yellow with a sickening smiley face, slimy and very convenient octopus-like body that possesses extreme power and speed of Mach 20. Koro-sensei (Korosenai (Japanese: 殺せない) meaning can’t be killed) is the Class 3-E’s homeroom teacher and the target their assassination operation. 

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Every student, assassin, student assassin is unique

As someone who likes to explore a lot of hobbies because of people I look up to. Yet is not capable of being good in most of them.

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A day in my life can be seen as a smudging abstract painting. Talent to create something purposely diverse and chaotic, but with a wrong stroke can be really ugly. But in this anime, many of its episodes stress on having “unique individual characters” for every student. That there is always beyond what you can achieve on what you are doing. Simple words yet weigh a ton and mean a lot.

Plan A is to ready Plan B

While the setting is dark and the simile is even darker, plan B is indeed a requirement in life. The scene where Koro-sensei expresses this hits the bull’s-eye. Things don’t really go according to the initial plan. Understanding that compromise and learning to accept extreme situations is to live.

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Grow like an assassin

On one of the last episodes of Season 1, some class members have to take on adult assassins with ‘real’ experiences. And the realization can never be more real when Koro-sensei said he wanted to be a teacher that teaches not only by words but also by experience. It is true that the things we learn in class are often overlooked by both sides. If constant growth is what life offers, then facing the right opponents and choosing your buddies are a way to go.

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Continue ‘your training’

A classroom reflects society. In this set-up, ‘assassination’, the art of murder, was used as a tool and motivation for everyone to listen and to move. There are people who teach and lead, there are people who are ‘the people’, there are other external elements that affect the flow. But they all come down to how you choose to live and survive.

Assassination Classroom has a lot more weirdly worded but great life lessons, especially for youth. And at the end of the day, you’ll have to continue.

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