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5 Survival Tips For A Forgetful Person

5 Survival Tips For A Forgetful Person

“What is my password again?” That’s just one of the questions that a forgetful person asks themself all the time. There might have been occasional instances where you want to recall something. But, it stayed at the tip of your tongue or your mind. Or, you might have experienced an awkward conversation when someone just said their name and you immediately forget it like a 90-year-old woman. It’s frustrating and it happens to the best of us. Thankfully, you’re here to be more productive and remain mentally agile.

…But is it normal?

There are a lot of people who have encyclopedic and photographic memories. Naturally, memories undergo subtle changes and modest decline as we age. Plus, genetics can play a factor. Aside from that, forgetfulness can be a symptom of stress, depression, and/or anxiety. But, of course, there’s still hope. Preserve your mental abilities while you’re still young with these lifestyle tips.

5 Survival Tips For A Forgetful Person

Set a reminder.

Don’t rely on your brain to remember everything; you’re not a computer. Setting a reminder can be in the form of calendar marking, alarms, or note-taking. Calendar marking and alarms are best for incoming events or medication intake you should remember. Putting colors in your notes can also be helpful for more memory triggers.

Set a reminder through calendar, alarms, or note to avoid forgetting.

Follow a routine.

Having a routine will help you prioritize productive things and prevents distractions. You can create a to-do list to structure your morning and evening routine. You can also put your things in the same place daily to avoid losing them.

Follow a routine to avoid being forgetful


You can be something other than a triathlete or a fitness guru to reap the benefits of working out. Science has proven that moderately intense workouts can improve your thinking and memory in six months. It also improves stress and sleep quality. Walking, running, biking, jumping, and swimming can be your go-to for simple workouts.

Play memory games.

Treat your mind like how you treat your physical fitness. Some games can help stimulate memory and concentration and keep your brain functioning. These games include chess, crosswords, sudoku, puzzles, and scrabble. Just know that games alone won’t magically give you the perfect memory. BRB, gonna install them now!

Play memory games for a forgetful person

Know your limit.

While the human brain can store three hundred years’ worth of nonstop TV shows, it can also feel mental fatigue and make us more forgetful. Feeling exhausted after intense thinking isn’t all in your head, as this has been backed by a research experiment. Take a rest, eat comfort food, or watch a funny movie. Simply unplug yourself from the busy world. Burnout is another feeling that you should avoid in improving your memory.

Note: If your memory worsens over time, consider consulting a doctor. It might be an early sign of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

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