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Styling #SheinXBelleMariano pieces with items you already own!

Styling #SheinXBelleMariano pieces with items you already own!

In October 2022, Shein announced Belle Mariano as the brand’s first Filipina brand ambassador. And, just last week, they released a curated collection called #SheinXBelleMariano. This features a mix of versatile and stylish pieces of dresses, tops, pants, and skirts in feminine, floral prints, and pastel colors.

Aside from that, it also reflects her personal style of bold experimentation of trends with classic looks. It also has a variety of bags, shoes, and accessories to complement the outfits. At the launch at Seltsam, Belle shared her experience while working with Shein for the first collaboration.

Village Pipol Magazine was able to see the collection firsthand. The #SheinXBelleMariano collection is available for sale from February 8, 2023. 

Suitable for all occasions, I decided to style the #SheinXBelleMariano collections with staple and classic items. 

trendy schoolgirl

This look will feature the tie-up cropped top and ruffle hem skirt with swiss dots from the #SheinXBelleMariano collection. Since this is going to be for a trendy schoolgirl look, you’re going to have to make it a little bit more modest.

So, I recommend a white tank top underneath the cropped top. Then, make sure you have a pair of white socks. Of course, make it stylish with a pair of updated loafers and your trustee black leather backpack.


This look will feature a cropped button-up sleeveless top and a matching bodycon skirt. The outfit in the photo looks youthful. So, let’s make it chic and office-appropriate for the working girlies that want to get these coordinates.

Grab a black oversized blazer, your trusted pair of black heels, and a black leather purse. You can look cute and feel professional despite the otherwise youthful approach of the entire #SheinXBelleMariano collection.

brunch with the girls

Brunch means dressing up elegantly with a hint of badass. At least, that’s what brunch means to me and my best friends. This look will feature a houndstooth print cami dress from the #SheinXBelleMariano collection.

So, I recommend grabbing a sage green cardigan that matches the color of the dress. Of course, add a matching bag. Then, complete the entire outfit with a pair of white boots that you may or may not have.

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on an errand

Just because you’re on an errand, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to look cute anymore. This look features a shirred waist layered hem cami romper from the #SheinXBelleMariano collection.

For a more laid-back look, you can grab an oversized black denim jacket, a pair of Nike dunks, and a mini black purse. You can accessorize however you want but make you look and feel comfortable.

for a date night with the beau

Just because Valentine’s Day has already ended, you and your beau can’t go on a date anymore. The #SheinXBelleMariano collection has this solid bustier satin bodycon dress that you can wear for any date night with the beau.

To make sure that you don’t get chilly, grab a mini cardigan. Then, complete your outfit with a white mini purse and a pair of white heels. That way, your outfit looks perfect for the date and you still feel comfortable.

Did we convince you to buy something from the #SheinXBelleMariano collection? Let us know!

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