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Some More Kulit Moments of Margielyn Didal That Could Make Your Day

Some More Kulit Moments of Margielyn Didal That Could Make Your Day

Margielyn Didal didn’t only steal people’s hearts during Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She also caught more attention during her TikTok live streams! You may have seen the previous article that showcases her kulit moments, now the second part of our happy pill is here.

Some More Kulit Moments of Margielyn Didal That Could Make Your Day

Surely, diving down the For You Page is fun most especially if you came across Margielyn Didal‘s funny content! When the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended, Margielyn became more active in her TikTok account. Furthermore, she does live streaming that caught more of her kulit side as she answers her fans’ questions.

When a fan asked what pronouns does she prefer, and Margielyn cleared what is her pronounce are.

The ‘bare minimum question’ a person could ask is to clarify how people can address another person. However, she used her unpredictable sense of humor as she answers a fan’s questions during her live stream. Pretty sure she knows what they mean, but in the end, she chose comedy. Many TikTok users caught this funny moment of Margielyn because of her unexpected answer!


What’s your pronounce @margiedidal ? HAHAHAHA #margiedidal #margielyndidal

♬ original sound – DrnKye – DrnKye

When another curious fan asked about Margielyn‘s height is, and she found a humorous way to answer.

For sure, many people would answer the same if they’ve been asked the same thing. Another curious fan asked about a height reveal during her live stream and Margielyn answered humorously: “Kapag usap, usap lang, walang height height height. Bakit? Ano ba ginagamit sa pakikipag-usap? Height?”

“If we’re going to talk, let’s just talk. Why? Are we going to use our heights when talking to each other?”


Margie nyo gigil na sa height reveal 🤣♥️ @margiedidal #margielyndidal #margiedidal #margielyn #margie #didal

♬ original sound – ĸrιѕтel 🍷 – ĸrιѕтel 🍷

When a fan asked about Margielyn‘s zodiac sign and denied that she’s a maniac.

In connection to the first video, some fans wanted to ask what her zodiac sign was. However, Margielyn‘s kulit side made her answer the question in a witty manner. She surely likes to play sounds like, huh? Zodiac and maniac do have the same sound at the end!


SHUTAJSHSJSJAJAHAHA @margiedidal #MADteamph #margiedidal #zodiacsign

♬ original sound – 🤰🏻😜😪😈❗️ – 🤰🏻😜😪😈❗️

Compared to the first article that showcased Margielyn‘s kulit side, she continued to bond with her fans via TikTok live stream. It showed how fun she can be around people!

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