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Say No To Chafing During The Summer With These Tips

Say No To Chafing During The Summer With These Tips

Chafing has got to be one of the most annoying side effects of ditching the layers for the hot weather. It plagues a lot of people throughout the summer – even me. No matter the dress size, when it comes to the heat and excess sweat, our thighs (and other areas of the body) cannot escape the hellish chafing.

So, say no to chafing during the summer with these few tips:

Thankfully, solutions from anti-chafing shorts to cream have become better than ever to help prevent unwanted friction during the summer months. I’m sure you don’t want to spend your summer sweating it out in trousers or walking with your feet a meter apart to prevent the chub rubs.

anti-chafing shorts

Use any kind of elasticated shorts underneath your dresses or skirts. Get a pair of cycling shorts or Spanx that will keep your thighs protected from fiction. It will prevent any cringey pant-flashing moments if the summer breeze catches your dress.


I saw an article about a writer running out of her favorite anti-chafing balm. She turned to makeup primer instead in a moment of sheer desperation. Although she didn’t find the primer much good on her face, she found it amazing at preventing thigh-rub.

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A roll-on deodorant for your thigh zone – but with tons of skin-friendly ingredients – will do wonders.

Get involved and liberate those legs!

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