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Rerouting Myself to Get Back into an Old Hobby

Rerouting Myself to Get Back into an Old Hobby

Reading has always been an old hobby of mine and has played a huge role in shaping my very being. Through this hobby, I found the company, mentorship, and guidance from books that brought me to many places. I saw the world beyond the four corners of our home. And I also found myself stuck inside the heads of beautifully nuanced characters I loved or hated. But however wondrous and delightful the world of literature was for me, somehow I lost the passion for reading.

I could blame my busy schedule, my fault for instant gratification, and a long list of other reasons for losing my passion. But no justification would change the fact that I have gone too far to give my problem a quick fix. So, I have to go the long route and save a dying – or perhaps an already dead – passion of mine.

Steps I’m Taking to Rekindle an Old Passion

Finding the Problem

Here I am again with the blame game, but I honestly found myself soaked in the world of online materials lately. And most online content, if not all, provides you with an instant feeling of satisfaction and gratification. That feeling is undeniably addicting. With one click I get to access new content. In 10 minutes or less, I’m done! What’s more satisfying than that? It is in no way similar to the time-consuming hobby of reading, but that’s exactly the point.

Nothing could equate to the more satisfying feeling of finishing a good 200-300 pager book. The different worlds and stories you get into help in sharpening your imagination. It forces you to think and be creative and thus, it will never equate to any instantly gratifying content on the net.

Realigning My Priorities

The world of instantly-gratifying content plus a busy schedule had been what I’ve diagnosed as the culprits behind my reading slump. And for me to solve my problems, I have to make drastic changes in my daily customs. That means overhauling all my daily routines and practices.

Changing my priorities, fixing a broken body clock, and setting up a proper time management system. Those are the first steps I have to take to realign my priorities and allot time for reading. It may be hard, especially as it has been my routine for the past years, but the cause is all worth it.

Finding What I’m Passionate About

Perhaps another reason for my struggle stems from the fact that I no longer find satisfaction in reading the old books I used to read. I recall reading an old book I used to really love in high school earlier this year. While I read through the pages, I realized the sparks I used to have while reading was gone. Reading it was never the same, and that problem is what I have to resolve.

See Also

Reviving a dead passion for reading requires finding the right book for my changing taste. It means testing the waters and finding the right groove. Solving my reading slump means redefining my perceptions about reading. Thus, I have to explore beyond the comforts of my usual reading preference to find my footing again.


Losing the passion for a life-long hobby is difficult. Finding ways to bring back the old fire inside your heart may be more difficult than starting a new hobby. But, for me, reviving my dead passion for reading means finding the lost self I felt I’d lost throughout the years. Therefore, any difficulty I may take from my journey will all be worth it.

If you’re looking for a sign whether to revive an old passion or just let it be, maybe this is the sign that you’re looking for! Maybe it’s time to try taking steps in saving an old passion of yours. Who knows where it will lead you?

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