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Property access in just a click with PropertyAccess PH

Property access in just a click with PropertyAccess PH

PropertyAccess is a platform for anyone who wants to buy or rent real estate properties in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. For over five years, PropertyAccess has been pushing boundaries for local and international real estate investments and transactions.

Property access in just a click with PropertyAccess PH

The relaunch

Last January 24, Village Pipol Magazine was invited to a press briefing at the New World Makati Hotel. During the briefing, the discussion about recent trends in Prop Technology or simply PropTech was discussed. Of course, these include the potential effects of technologies like property securitization and property virtualization in the real estate industry.

Aside from that, they also presented their overall brand position in the local and international markets. PropertyAccess PH’s Chief Operations Officer and Digital Co-Founder Andy Roberts spearheaded the event with a special contribution from CEO Hiro Kazato.

So, what is PropTech?

Village Pipol Magazine representatives Remi Rose Jacob and Isaac Mae Regular were able to interview Andy Roberts to learn more about PropTech and PropertyAccess PH itself. PropTech is designed to bring consumers and investors closer to the property in an online way.

Due to the pandemic, both businesses and consumers have adopted the online environment. Online 3D models replaced traditional showrooms. Video tours and webinars have also replaced open-house events. Meanwhile, online property sales have become the new standard in real estate.

PropertyAccess elevates real estate to the next level with Web 3.0. This refers to the evolution of the third wave of internet technologies. The core elements of web 3.0 include decentralization, AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies.

Roberts mentioned that for the next five to ten years, 3D visualization will take an increasingly central role in all aspects of the property market. This will allow consumers and investors to virtually walk through the property and experience and feel what it’s like to be inside.

Interactivity is another trend in PropTech. PropertyAccess developed map-based locations that consumers and investors can use to familiarize themselves with the place they want to buy or rent.

When you put your property in PropertyAccess, we actually pin it via Google Maps and we draw all of the surrounding data. Schools, transportations, establishments like malls, [and] medical clinics. So, that even if you’re not a local, if you’re from Japan, or you’re from Korea, you can still look at that property and visualize the area. So, it’s really about providing all the relevant data to people, in written and visual forms. It’s about catering to all these different learning styles and ensuring that everyone gets what they need.

Andy Roberts

PropTech has also improved PropertyAccess’ ability to identify and meet the demands of its investors and consumers.

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I really think there is two aspect to that, you don’t just build products and release them hoping people like them. It’s really about listing to consumers and finding out what they want, and then catering to that.

Andy Roberts

Smart contracts and tokenization are other elements of PropTech that are available and propelling the real estate industry forward into its next era. He believes that smart contracts and tokenization are ways for young people to be able to enter the property market since millennials are shaping up to be Philippine real estate’s top consumers and investors.

Smart contract and tokenization is a way for young people to be able to enter property market, because they deserve it. It’s a safe form of investment. It’s proven time and time again. It’s the most reliable and successful form of investment.

Andy Roberts

According to Lamudi’s research on the 2020 Real Estate Sector Outlook, millennials accounted for 43.95% of all page views, surpassing users of all other ages. This majority was consistent across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This means that millennials are the biggest demographic of customers on the property platform’s website.

Andy Roberts’ message to the younger generation who wants to enter the real estate industry:

Well, I think, over time, it’s proven to be the most reliable investment source. Your share markets go up and down, so do property markets, of course. But, they always rebound. Everyone needs a place to live, and I think for investment, with the advent of smart contract and things like that… It just opens up this market for people to invest their money. But, there still obviously things you need to watch out for. You need to learn about your local areas, you need to learn about average prices. What I would recommend to young people is don’t be hasty. Do your research. Never feel rushed and just go in when you feel like it, especially if you’re purchasing a home for personal use of your family. That is the biggest investment decision that you’ll ever make.

Andy Roberts

So, do your research and make sure you have all the data you need. And if you want more information, just click PropertyAccess.

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