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PNE Songs that are Perfect for F2F Classes Jamming Sessions

PNE Songs that are Perfect for F2F Classes Jamming Sessions

Who does not miss those vacant periods filled with music and laughter, right? Now that we are slowly transitioning back to face-to-face classes again, it is high time we prepare a playlist perfect for jam sessions with our classmates. Aside from Eraserheads, Callalily, and Sponge Cola, make sure that you do not forget to add Parokya ni Edgar or PNE to the list! 

If you need song recommendations for F2F jam sesh, below are some PNE songs that will definitely tighten your bond with your classmates.  

Harana,  Buruguduystunstugudunstuy (1997)

So you have a bundle of untold feelings for a classmate and you do not know how to confess it? This might be your chance. Whip out that guitar and start memorizing the lyrics to PNE’s Harana! This song is one of those old-school classics; one note and people do not need to know its title to make them sing along. Despite its age, guaranteed that it can still deliver the kilig feels to anyone! 

Sayang, Buruguduystunstugudunstuy (1997)

But if ever you confessed and it did not work out, you have this song to sing your heart out to. With its light melody, nobody would suspect that it is a song of frustration. With PNE’s Sayang, you will be able to express the pain with your friends singing along in the background. Totally a lead character moment, sis!

Inuman Na, Gulong Itlog Gulong (1999)

This song may not be the most suitable entry for a classroom jam sesh. Nonetheless, Inuman Na by PNE is such a great song to sing in chorus with your friends. To quote what the “others” say, it is not always about the tune and the lyrics, it is about the message of the song! 

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Alumni Homecoming, Bigotilyo (2003)

How can we not include this one in the list? For me, this is the perfect package. Great tune and melody? Check. Touching yet funny storyline? Check. Sensible message? Check. One thing: a jam session is not a jam session if PNE’s Alumni Homecoming was not sung! 

Your Song, Bigotilyo (2003)

Your Song is definitely one of the most unskippable PNE songs of all time. Every time I hear this song, I cannot help but melt on the spot. Its lyrics will make you believe that being patient is being in love. Truly one of our one and onlys!

PNE is one of the bands that we listen to while we are growing up. It is only natural that we include them in this seemingly almost new chapter of our life.  

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