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Places to go this Valentine’s Day in Naga City

Places to go this Valentine’s Day in Naga City

Planning to eat out this Valentine’s Day but don’t exactly know where? Well, I’ve got good news for you. If you’re from Bicol or somewhere near Naga City, here are some places that you might want to check out for your Valentine’s celebration.

List of places to go this Valentine’s Day in Naga City

Cellar Bar, Kitchen & Deli

Located on Magsaysay Avenue, this restaurant offers a wide variety of menu selections from pasta, meats, pastries, cold cuts, and cheese to their wines and cocktail drinks. In fact, this Valentine’s Day, they offer a 4-course meal with wine pairing for only 1499 per person. You can either choose whether it’s for lunch or dinner. If you both enjoy wines and drinks, then definitely book this one for your date! The ambiance is really good. It’s light, fresh, and also very Instagram-worthy!

Soledad Restaurant

Still, on Magsasay Avenue, this restaurant is serving Spanish and Filipino food. The interiors are really nice and cozy. So, if you’re not into trying out different cuisines then definitely go to Soledad this Valentine’s Day. They have scrumptious food at a very affordable price. If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate with this Valentine’s Day, then don’t worry because you can invite your friends here. Soledad can definitely cater even to larger groups.

Red Platter Grill

Photo: Naga City Guide, Red Platter | Facebook

This casual dining restaurant offers the best Asian and Western dishes in Naga City. It’s also located on the streets of Magsaysay Avenue. It’s a semi-fine-dining restaurant that features a selection of desserts, pastries, coffee, and delectable food. The ambiance is warm and cozy.

Antigua Restaurant

If you’re looking for a class fine-dining restaurant, then visit Antigua Restaurant. It’s perfect for couples who want a more intimate dining experience. Located on Jacob Street, Bagumbayan Sur, this restaurant offers steak, salads, pasta, and a whole lot more! They have a Valentine’s Promo called ‘4-hands menu’ for only 2,500 good for 2 guests already. You can choose from their 2 sets and whether you will avail it for lunch or dinner. If you want a more romantic ambiance, then book your Valentine’s Date here at Antigua restaurant.

See Also

Casa Soriano Family Heirloom and Cuisine

Photo: Casa Soriano | Facebook

This restaurant is a mixture of Filipino, Spanish, and Italian cuisines. Casa Soriano is located on Concepcion Grande, Naga City. They have a wide variety of menu selections from appetizers to desserts. The ambiance is also very romantic and relaxing. Ultimately, their interior gives you the best of both worlds of rustic and classical or vintage themes.

Km 11 by The Odd Duck

Photo: KM11 by the Odd Duck | Facebook

Located in Carolina, Naga City, this outdoor private dining restaurant is perfect for couples who want a touch of nature in their dining experience. The place is very relaxing and romantic. They are strictly implementing reservation basis only. So, if you want a unique experience this Valentine’s Day, make sure to book ahead of time.

Comment below the restaurant you would like to try out for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

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