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OPINION: My favorite wearable outfits from Heart Evangelista’s #LoveMarieLookbook

OPINION: My favorite wearable outfits from Heart Evangelista’s #LoveMarieLookbook

Heart Evangelista is and will always be a fashion icon. She recently uploaded the first-ever video from her #LoveMarieLookbook series. As a fashionista, Heart has accumulated a huge amount of designer clothes and luxurious items. So, let’s ignore the fact that the outfits from said lookbook remained out of our budgets. But, let’s look at them as an inspiration and determine whether or not we could actually wear them on a normal sunny day here in the Philippines.

Here are my favorite wearable outfits from Heart Evangelista’s #LoveMarieLookbook:

Deciding to unleash my creativity when it comes to clothes, I have started looking for inspiration in icons like Miss Love Marie herself. To be completely honest, everything in this lookbook remains wearable. However, since I am afraid of judgment (especially from the Susans and Maritess around the corner), I would gladly skip the sequined dresses and the glittered boots. So, here are my favorite outfits from #LoveMarieLookbook that I also deem “wearable”:

white collared dress with black bow + newsboy cap + mini leather bag

This look probably remains the tamest outfit out of the others. The white collared dress with black bow attached to the base of her chest looked perfect for any wvent. You can wear it when you go to the office or just to go to the grocery to buy a bunch of fruits. Of course, add a newsboy cap and a mini leather bag for a more fancier look.

pink maxi dress with a dramatic sleeve + hair scarf

This pink maxi dress is the dress of my dreams. It has a demure look but of course, you can make it edgy with a pair of boots and some accessories. You can also wear this meek and mild look with a hair scarf tied around your hair instead of your ponytail. If I were to wear this kind of dress, I would pair with black combat boots, black accessories, and dark make-up. This way, I could juxtapose the dress’ maidenly look with an edgier style.

pink mini dress with sheer sleeves

Dramatic sleeves is always a go-to for fancy look. You can see these kinds of sleeves on the red carpet, on runways, and even on boutique shops. It has becoem a definite trend that is here to stay. However, the risk with wearing this kind of dramatic sleeves would have to do with proper accessories. Accessories can break or elevate one’s outfit. Heart, on the other hand, decided to do minimal gold and diamond accessories that doesn’t take one’s eyes.

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oversized two-toned cable knit cardigan + leather and sheer skirt + black boots

My favorite look in her entire lookbook, Heart wore an oversized two-toned cable knit cardigan nad paired with a leather and sheer skirt. The pairing remains perfect sicne it has different textures: cableknit, leather, and sheer. You can wear this to the office or in your room taking selfies for your Instagram account. With a classic black-and-white look, it definitely looks timeless.

Watch the video here:

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