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OPINION: My Favorite Romantic Bridgerton Moments (no NSFW scenes lol sorry)

OPINION: My Favorite Romantic Bridgerton Moments (no NSFW scenes lol sorry)

Based on Julia Quinn’s novels, Bridgerton‘s story spans eight novels from 1813-1827, focusing on the lives of each of the family siblings: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. The first season circulated around the events that unfold in Julia Quinn’s first book, The Duke and I. Although this focused on Daphne and Simon’s journey to happily-ever-after, their love story isn’t the only romantic moment that happened in the series. Of course, there are moments in the first season of Bridgerton that made us swoon, sigh, and completely fall in love.



My Favorite Romantic Bridgerton Moments (no NSFW scenes lol sorry)

“You do touch yourself?”

Ladies’ knowledge of sex during the Regency era seriously lacks. And, we see that in Bridgerton as Daphne, as well as Penelope and Eloise, remained completely clueless on how women become mothers. Simon even laughed at the absurdity of how little mothers tell their daughters. When a conversation between Simon and Daphne steers into decidedly unladylike territory, he initially felt reluctant to fill in the gaps. She, on the other hand, insistent in wanting to know more.

Seeing as his hints have caused confusion, Simon urges Daphne to experiment with her own sexuality. Between the smoldering eye contact and the forbidden subject matter, this moment remains unmistakeably hot. However, it offers us a glimpse of something more. In his openness to helping her, we see Simon’s genuine respect for Daphne’s experience as a human being. It’s a modern aspect of romance that we were happy to see included.


Anthony and Siena’s passion for each other

Anthony and Siena’s passion for each other became the first plot points established in the first season of Bridgerton. Within five minutes into the first episode, we see them making love against a tree before he goes to support Daphne’s first social season of arranging matches for marriage. However, their different social statuses soon separate them as Anthony prioritizes his duty to his family.

Of course, feelings cannot be turned off that easily. When Anthony challenges Simon on behalf of his sister’s honor, his heart takes him running right back to Siena. Facing the reality of what the next morning could mean for his life, he makes her an impulsive proposal. If he lives to see the sunrise, he considers himself free and he invites her to run away. At that moment, even pragmatic Siena cannot deny her love for Anthony. Unfortunately, we come to find out that they’re probably both destined for heartbreak.

Bridgerton Anthony and Siena

Very public and very false attachment

Daphne and Simon’s first meeting sends sparks flying in vexation more than attraction. As she runs away from Nigel Berbrooke, Daphne fakes being interested in a conversation with Simon. However, this seemed to have annoyed him as he thought that she was trying on something less desirable. This, of course, made her retaliate on her own.


That changes once they have a common goal. Both hounded by the writings of Lady Whistledown, the pair decides to solve their separate problems by forming a very public and very false attachment. This leads the writer to assume Simon as unavailable and Daphne as desirable. The arrangement may be fake but, as we soon see, the chemistry between them is anything but.


Colin defends Penelope

Penelope joined the grand tradition of girls who just adore the boy-next-door. It’s obvious from the very beginning that she’s completely smitten with Colin. Unfortunately, he spends most of the season with eyes only for her cousin Marina. But, the two still get some heartwarming moments for themselves.

In the first episode, we understand exactly why Penelope has a huge crush on Colin when he gallantly defends Penelope and rejects society’s mean girls on her behalf. He denies a dance with Cressida Cowper, offering his hand to Penelope who gladly accepts it. Throughout the first season of Bridgerton, we see him appreciating her compassion and unexpectedly savage wit. However, it’s not until the finale episode when Colin starts to Penelope in a new light.


“Simon” and “Daphne”

Simon and Daphne might be on the same team but they don’t initially seem to be on the same page. After some early bumps in their fake relationship, she lays her cards on the table. She admits that this fake attachment will allow her to finally take charge of her own life because she cannot afford to do otherwise. This kind of blunt honesty doesn’t usually come up in Regency ballrooms.

Going with the new theme of transparency, Simon decides that they might as well drop all the social formality between them. The newfound familiarity is amusing to her at first until he uses her own name in return. When Simon finally calls her Daphne, the intimacy immediately impacted her as it changed the entire mood between the two. We also see a token act of physical intimacy as Simon’s hand crawls towards Daphne’s skin. Although the ruse goes on, something has obviously taken root between them.


A Subtle Touch

Sometimes, the most romantic moments are the most understated and low-key. Bridgerton likes to take pleasure in reminding us of that fact. With their ruse going exactly according to plan, Daphne and Simon remain pleased with themselves when they meet at the society art exhibition. Their flirtatious banter gradually takes a turn, though.

As they contemplate a painting, Daphne seems to recognize an emotional quality in the work, one that clearly speaks to Simon as well. Watching their hands reach for each other almost as if they’re magnetically drawn, we realize that their connection has already deepened than just physical chemistry. It’s an all too brief moment that tells us everything about their true feelings.

“I Burn For You.”

The allure between Simon and Daphne has become unbearable powerful. Despite this, their wedding night starts off awkward as he makes it clear that he’d be sleeping in a separate room. Although the audience knows about his previous vow never to marry, it remains a surprise to everyone when she confronts him and the real reason for his behavior became clear.

Given the events that lead up to this moment, it’s amazing to think Simin could believe Daphne does not want him. Of course, she does not hesitate to set the record straight saying, “It is you that I cannot sacrifice. I burn for you.” While the bedroom scene that follows this is on fire, seeing the couple’s earnest love confessed freely got our hearts racing.


The royal audience.

Simon tried and tried but, in the end, he couldn’t escape his love for Daphne. He may not have been pleased to marry her but if there were any doubts left about the sincerity of his feelings, he removes them all when the couple required the Queen’s help for their expedited wedding. In confessing the truth about their ruse, Simon finally opens his heart.

He reveals what was so strongly implied previously. To hear Simon describe how he fell in love with Daphne for her personality remains almost more effective than their many sexually-charged physical scenes. He even said, “Her laughter brings me joy. To meet a beautiful woman is one thing. But, to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart.”

The Hastings Ball

The course of true love never did run smooth but Daphne doesn’t easily get scared. She confesses her love for Simon, even the parts that he believes to be too dark and too shameful. Although the pair started their London ball poised to turn away from each other forever, time slowed down during their supposed ‘last dance.’


As the unexpected rain drives their guests away, Daphne goes right to the crux of all of Simon’s insecurities. Her heartfelt speech is not demanding nor grandiose. It was just a simple statement of genuine love that seems to finally convince Simon he is worthy of the happiness he has denied himself. By the time they fully reconcile, Simon finally understands that life may never be simple but it will always be better with his true love and best friend, Daphne.

Which romantic Bridgerton moment made you go weak in the knees? Tell us more!

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