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Nothing to wear? Not a problem with a capsule wardrobe

Nothing to wear? Not a problem with a capsule wardrobe

In a time when fashion trends come and go, a capsule wardrobe is a breath of fresh air. My outfits usually depend on the weather, the occasion, and the mood. How I dress is how I introduce myself to the world. However, I get so much decision fatigue from looking at my wardrobe every time that it takes the fun out of dressing up. I’ve thought about downsizing my wardrobe and creating a capsule wardrobe for years now, and here’s why.

Multiple outfits from the same clothes

Creating a capsule wardrobe means having staple pieces on hand to create several looks. It not only saves you time in deciding what to wear, but it also saves you money because you get the most out of your wardrobe. This concept though introduced during the 1940s was popularised in 1985 by American designer Donna Karan with her Seven Easy Pieces line.

There are many different kinds of capsule wardrobes because it’s based on one’s lifestyle and personal style. For example, think business casual chic like sticking to clothes with neutral tones to emphasize a clean look. You just need to create a cohesive color palette from your current wardrobe. The color palette of the clothes in a capsule wardrobe is the reason why it works so well. They have to be interchangeable to create multiple pairs of tops and bottoms.

Instead of buying what’s popular right now, having a capsule wardrobe means there are at least 25 or so classic pieces in the closet that you can use over and over again. It is also a more sustainable option because you don’t have to buy new clothes frequently. When everything fits you and looks good with every other clothing piece you own, it helps you look polished and fashionable.

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Look cute, not stressed

I love dressing up, but lately, it’s exhausting to think about what to wear. Even though I only go to online school right now, I always take the time to prepare my clothes before logging on to any online meeting. But even with the number of clothes I have in my closet, there are times when I simply feel like I don’t have anything to wear. A capsule wardrobe honestly seems an attractive option for this dilemma.

It’s a great option for people who want to cut the time they use deciding what to wear without sacrificing their personal style. A capsule wardrobe can help you create versatile looks every day effortlessly.

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