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Make Pililla Wind Farm your next stop in Tanay, Rizal

Make Pililla Wind Farm your next stop in Tanay, Rizal

A windmill is undoubtedly an unusual sight to most of us, but would you like to see a life-size windmill? The Philippines has a few great spots for sightseeing windmills, take a closer look at one of them here at Pililla Wind Farm in Tanay Rizal.

In the province of Rizal, you can find a famous windmill farm, Pililla Wind Farm, known for its numerous and enormous windmills. These windmills can provide enough energy to the nearby municipalities of Rizal and Laguna. This wind farm consists of 27 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 11MW, which can power over 32,000 homes.

What was Pililla Farm Before It Became a Tourist Spot?

Ayala Corporation constructed Pililla Wind Farm and started its operation in 2015. The windmill farm was proposed by the Ynares Family, which was undertaken by the Alternergy Wind One Corp. that Sec. Vincent Perez led Vincent Perez. Perez and Ynares worked hard with local and international banks to support this project. The project started with 4 fully functional windmills to now, 27 fully functional windmills.

The government official’s goal was to build a clean and waste-free energy source for the people of Rizal and Laguna, but the locals saw another purpose of the windmills. The locals saw the potential of the Pililla Windmill Farm as a local tourist spot, thus they started to allow tourist to enter their humble town and take pictures near the windmill.

Although the locals’ first idea was a success, the locals still thought that simply allowing tourist to enter their town wasn’t enough to fully reach the “tourist spot” title. Thus, with the help of the local government, they enhanced the area and made a proper spot for the tourist to hang out as well as creating a better view of the farm. Pililla Windmill Farm is now not only a source of energy but also a “must go to” place in Rizal.

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Why Should You Add Pililla Windmill Farm to your Next Road Trip?

Aside from the amazing view of the windmills, the astonishing view of Laguna de Bay can also be seen from the site-seeing area of the farm. The farm also provides affordable food and drinks that you can have while enjoying the view.

Pililla Windmill Farm is also far from the city, thus only a few tourists visit per day which gives it a peaceful ambiance. Having fewer tourists can save you from crowded areas and noisy feels.

If you’ve been looking for a peaceful farm with a great view, then you might want to consider visiting Pililla Windmill Farm on your next road trip!

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