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New Normal: We should logically and radically change almost everything we do

New Normal: We should logically and radically change almost everything we do

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreads around the globe and the pandemic turns our world upside down. We may find ourselves, the government, and leading global thinkers learning from this experience. Innovating with practices that we have decided to pursue during lockdowns would be hard to detach from. People will find ways to improve and develop those practices to have a more resilient post-coronavirus (and futuristic) world. 


To stop this pandemic, we should logically and radically change almost everything we do — how we work, work out, socialize, shop, manage our wellbeing, educate our children, deal with relatives. Months or years later, we have to accept the fact that some things will never be the same again, yet we have to move forward and embrace the ‘new normal’. These unprecedented times will eventually give way to a changed world — good and bad, no one knows, although the two are by no means equally balanced.

The new normal will be anything but ordinary.

This pandemic has started to build new barriers at overwhelming speed, globally — travel bans, disrupted supply chains, closed borders, stricter import and export regulations. Globalization has fallen victim to this global chaos, highlighting the risk in overdependence in global supply chains. Driven by all the massive changes in people’s perception, government policies, and business world practices, the world — in various aspects — will dramatically evolve.


The post-pandemic world marks not the end of an era, but a transformation of the global community. For the next decades, it is extremely important to realize that chains of catastrophe, a pandemic for this matter, are no longer in rare range, but a norm in world order. Everyone, especially the global leaders, should understand that a chaos with almost natural probability will arise. Preparedness and risk management should be upheld.

In our local setting, it will take time and a huge amount of effort from the government and its people to fully heal our land. The end of this pandemic is just the start of a bigger war. 

Our land will heal and we will only achieve that if we will work together with peace, courage, and empathy.

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