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My Go-To Comfort Food: Chicken Wings

My Go-To Comfort Food: Chicken Wings

Feeling down lately? I am sure your favorite go-to comfort food can make you smile right away. Just how chicken wings can light up my mood right away. The thought of it reminds me of something nostalgic and has sentimental value.

Very personal, indeed.

Are you still in the process of discovering what will be your comfort food? Or are you changing your comfort food depending on your mood? Well, these chicken wings are mouth-watering because of their deliciousness. It’s hard to ignore it, right?

Chicken Wings | Frankie’s

The history of my comfort food

My go-to comfort food will always be chicken wings. Its crispy skin and tender meat that feels like melting in your mouth are one of a kind. What more if you will add flavor to it, right? This may have something to do with your childhood favorite food or someone who influenced you to eat it.

Growing up, I remember my mom will always prepare fried chicken every time there is an occasion at home. On birthdays, anniversaries, and even Christmas fried chicken are present at our table.

Well, not on New Year because my family is old-fashioned and believed in the superstition that if you will have chicken on New Year’s eve, your life will be similar to a chicken— “isang kahig isang tuka” as they say.

Until now, I’m still looking forward to an occasion so I’ll taste my mom’s fried chicken. I don’t know if it’s just me but food on occasion tastes different than our usual food.

My mom will marinate the chicken with seasoning, black pepper, and a little bit of soy sauce overnight then put it in a freezer. In the morning, she will prepare an egg, frying powder, and flour then deep fry it.

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Aside from this, I am also a Korean drama fan. I saw there that they are fond of eating flavored chicken wings. Fortunately, Filipino chefs opened unlimited wings stores all over the world which are accessible everywhere and I’m happy that it is nearby. The usual price range is 199 PHP and up, depending on its side dishes. Affordable, right?

Chicken Wings | Maggi. PH

The personal effects of eating chicken wings

There are lots of times that I feel down and stressed. Especially the anxious feeling of being a graduating student. Due to this, I do not have an appetite and am not in the mood the whole day. Nevertheless, I do not have to worry because my comfort food will surely make my day. I’m sure, your comfort food does the same effect on you too, right?

I believe in the power of comfort food. It is a cure that is not needed to buy in a pharmacy but in a restaurant, on the street, or anywhere you, please.

All of your concerns vanish as soon as you take that first mouthful, and you start to lose consciousness. Comfort foods can improve your mood and help you feel different emotions from what you were before thinking. With just the first taste, they can instantly improve the course of your day on any day of the week.

What about you? What is your comfort food? People might want to try yours!

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