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MMFF’s ‘Tagpuan’ tackles what happens when the romance is all gone

MMFF’s ‘Tagpuan’ tackles what happens when the romance is all gone

Who will you choose when your past and present collide? When suddenly you’re tormented and want to hold on to the past but you know it’s futile since the romance is all gone. But there’s a budding relationship in front of you, will you give it a chance? These are the themes that will be tackled by the 2020 MMFF entry, Tagpuan.

Alfred Shaina Tagpuan

This masterpiece was penned by the renowned scriptwriter Ricky Lee and was directed by the veteran Mac Alejandre. Starred by big-time celebrities such as Iza Calzado, Shaina Magdayao, and Cong. Alfred Vargas, this is surely one of the most highly anticipated films to watch this coming MMFF.

What is the central theme of this movie?

“Tagpuan is not your usual love story like the usual heart-tugging and romantic movies such as boy-meets-girl who will end up together in the end. It’s a mature, love story that can happen to anyone of us. this is very relatable. It starts with my bad break up with my ex-wife when we were estranged for five years,” Alfred said.

Alfred Iza Tagpuan

“Allan’s (Alfred’s character) focus is entirely on his business. That is the reason why he’s separated and became estranged from his wife. The business has brought him to Hong Kong where he met this adventurous character Tanya (Shaina) She’s the free-spirited girl that I got to know. Hong Kong is a great Tagpuan for us where we will explore each other’s personalities. We found out that we have a lot in common but differences as well. But then as destiny would have put it, it will bring me to New York where I will meet my ex-wife after five years. That’s where the story will revolve around. It’s also about my character’s journey through love, pain, suffering, reconciliation, and forgiveness and really understanding one’s boundaries about loving someone. On how to set them free and how to accept realities,” he thoroughly explained.

Tagpuan pays tribute to our OFWs

“Having been shot in three different locations, this movie is not just a love story but it also touches on the diaspora. Having to look for second chances. It’s for us to see the different kinds of homes. But in the end,  all we want to see is our home is where our heart is,” the Congressman said.

Alfred Vargas Tagpuan

It’s great to see films championing the sacrifices of our countrymen working abroad. The ultimate sacrifice that they have to do in order to help their loved ones is admirable as it is so selfless. Their decision to work abroad can also cost their relationships at home. This is such a fascinating story to see and is such a timely story to discuss.

Should you want to catch this film and have a heart-tugging and tear-jerking moment this holiday season with your loved ones, you can stream it at Watch the full trailer below.


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