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Miriam Damoah takes over Miss Interglobal 2021 title

Miriam Damoah takes over Miss Interglobal 2021 title

Miriam Damoah is the new Miss Interglobal 2021 after Nachita Jantana of Thailand resigned.

Miss Interglobal is a Nigeria-based pageant that recently had its inauguration virtually on December 4, 2021. Nachita Jantana, Thailand’s bet took home the crown while Miriam landed as the first-runner up.

With the recent announcement made after a week of crowning their Miss Interglobal 2021, the organization is set to crown Miriam Damoah from the Philippines as the new Interglobal 2021.

It must have been a saddening moment for all the supporters that a queen stepped down from her throne.

Nachita Jantana, who was announced Miss Interglobal reign have abruptly come to an end.

The organization paid respect to her decision in resigning.

Due to personal reasons beyond her explanation, she will not be able to carryout her duties as the Miss Interglobal 2021. Therefore, she is relinquishing her position.

Whatever the reasons it may be, we still wish Natchita the best of luck in her future endeavor.

We will be welcoming the new titleholder of Miss Interglobal Miriam Damoah from the Philippines. Thus, may we support and show our love while she is holding the core values of the organization.

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In addition, we know that this journey will bring you to the next level as a queen and the impact you will make is going to be the country’s pride.

Lastly, congratulations on bringing another crown to the Philippines. We can’t wait to see how you will make an impact in our community. Good luck Mariam, our new Miss Interglobal 2021!

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