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Meet Orocan’s new endorser everyone’s been talking about!

Meet Orocan’s new endorser everyone’s been talking about!

The Internet has the funniest reactions to Orocan’s newest spot where the King of Makeup Transformation Paolo Ballesteros channels Heart Evangelista. In the film created by ideas agency GIGIL, “Ms. Hurt” gives us a tour of her walk-in closet (literally! haha), a sneak peek at her luxury bags, and stages the coolest unboxing ever!


Back in 2019, Orocan released its ad titled “Ang Plastic na Totoo” which got Filipinos sitting up in attention because of its self-aware execution. Here is its follow-up. 

The commercial starts with a photo of the billboard from Orocan’s first campaign that says Pag nakabenta kami, next time may endorser na. What follows is text admitting that the brand has been able to sell, yes, but still can’t afford a high-end endorser…so they just got the services of someone who can pull off her look!


“Hurt” enters the frame, giving us a tour of her home starting with her walking closet…in heels!


Then she proceeds to show us her luxury bag collection. Her prized possession? The Orocan Icebox, of course, with a silk scarf wrapped around its handle! 


And because Heart Evangelista loves turning luxury bags into art masterpieces, Hurt paints on her own  Orocan Icebox.  


Finally in the “What’s in my Bag” sesh, we see Hurt fishing out from the box her makeup, phone, and something that will surely surprise you…no spoilers here!


Watch now!


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Ms. Heart Evangelista herself commented on Orocan’s commercial: “Omg!!! this is so funny!!!! Hahahahaha awwwwww love you guys!!!! Hahahahhaha.”  And she posted an IG story on the new campaign’s billboard along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) with the caption:  “Omg Orocan… don’t be ‘Hurt’ na.” 


Suffice to say this new campaign has stolen her heart.



Orocan Koolit Insulated Icebox is available on Lazada and Shopee. 


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