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Meet Jessa Doydora, who makes films to awaken social consciousness

Meet Jessa Doydora, who makes films to awaken social consciousness


How will people know that such a problem exists if he does not see it? Is there a way to develop social consciousness in a society where ignorance is bliss?

For Jessa, the way to Filipinos’ social conscience is through films.

The Exposition

Jessa Doydora is a 23 years old filmmaker who chose this career path through an act of courage.

In 2017, Far Eastern University’s film festival ‘Cinemorayta’ started looking for entries.

When Jessa knew about this, a fire inside her lit up that pushed her to submit an entry.

With no experience in film-making and just a little knowledge about it, Jessa knew at that time that she was a writer eager to tell many stories.

Her decision five years ago made her pursue film in her studies.

Through making films, she got the freedom to produce stories in the most obnoxious way possible.

For Jessa, “the more you make your art absurd, the more beautiful it becomes. Ika nga, Wazak!”

Flicker of Reality

Director Jessa’s films reflect social injustices and women’s struggles.

Press, Pause, and Play (2018), Eklipse (2019), and Kris+ina (2022) are among her works of art mirroring reality.

Press, Pause, and Play (2018)

This film is about the life behind the camera of an avid blogger who fights her mental state and her father’s abusive control by teaching her viewers how to create a unique adobo.

Eklipse (2019)

Inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal’s “Ang Pagong at ang Matsing,” this follows a story of an industrious farmer and a deceptive monkey. This film represents the systemic oppression Filipino farmers experience.

Kris+ina (2022)

A story of Kristina, who went home after a few years of living in Manila However, as her stay in their village, lasts, she becomes weak and ill. Her father, an ‘Albularyo,’ treats her case that an ‘Engkanto’ came after her.

These films stand as her protest against oppression in our society.

Moreover, she makes films to give voices to the marginalized.

What’s more rewarding

Making these films went through a rough process, and it took months before they were finished.

But what makes all the sacrifices and hardship worth it is that these films received awards and recognitions.

The film has also made it internationally.

The “Press Pause and Play” became one of Viddsee Juree Awards 2019 finalists, while “Eklipse” made it to the One Earth Awards 2022 in Bengaluru (Bangalore) in India.

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However, for Jessa, what is more, fulfilling than receiving awards is knowing that the audience understood the message of her films.

“I think what is more fulfilling is when the audience would grasp the message of your film and take it with them–deeply. That people will become aware of the societal dilemmas happening in the society such as the killings of farmers, people living with HIV/AIDS experiencing discrimination, victim-blaming, and more.”

She thinks it is the truth that films should play in our society.

On the Next Scene

Jessa plans on making another short film about the randomness of being lonely this year.

She also wants to explore the different genres, narratives, and techniques outside the usual concept of her films.

Likewise, she hopes to pursue film school and film festivals where she dreams of being part of the official selection.

For aspiring filmmakers, her advice is,

“Create a film based on your vision and film language. If you haven’t found your film language yet, continue, and you’ll soon discover it. Never be pressured by other people’s definition of a perfect film. Be authentic.”

Furthermore, she wants to remind them that resting is okay to avoid burnout and never rush pre-production.

You can watch her film Press and Play (2018) on Viddsee for free.

Let Jessa’s film awaken your social consciousness!

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