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LORE OLYMPUS: Hades Best Husband Material

LORE OLYMPUS: Hades Best Husband Material

You might know of the classic Hades X Persephone abduction, but do you know of the romance these two shared with one another? Of all the books, movies, and animations that feature the Greek Gods and Goddesses, only a few actually gave justice to the God of the Underworld. If you still have your doubts about Hades, maybe it’s time for you to read Lore Olympus. You will get to witness a Hades never seen before!

Hades Knows of Love Albeit Not Receiving One

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Staying true to the classics, Lore Olympus gave us the prologue of how Persephone managed to sweep the powerful God of the Underworld so effortlessly. It was truly love at first sight. Although one might question Rachel Smythe’s rendition of the abduction, however, contrary to the original, this version might have been what suited the brewing love story of the two most. Among all the Greek Gods, it’s not an overstatement to claim that Hades is the most loyal and understanding lover, at least based on Lore Olympus.

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Before meeting Persephone, he was stuck with a selfish and abusive nymph lover who know not to appreciate Hades. Hades knows that holding onto that relationship will destroy him, however, he was afraid to let it go thinking that no one might ever want to be with a God like him. He was selfless, understanding, and loving towards such a disrespectful partner. It was truly fortunate that Persephone came his way and showed him what true love really is.

Hades, King of Respect!

Even before ending the relationship with the nymph – Minthe, he became head over heels for Persephone. However, he didn’t want to act upon it entirely, out of respect for both the Goddess and his current lover. Before completely starting with Persephone, Hades ended things with Minthe. He knows and shows respect even to those who do not deserve it.

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In addition, even after knowing that Persephone carries a burden on her own, in no way was Hades forceful in asking her about it. He simply lets the goddess know that no matter what happens and no matter her problem, Hades will not abandon her. He will fight for her, and with her.

Hades is the Softest Daddy!

We’ve always seen Hades as a grumpy evil old man who seems to be incapable of showing genuine happiness. But in Lore Olympus? Oh boy… You’re in for a treat! The best God deserves the best bod! Hades’ rough features and the beauty of his scars were wonderfully envisioned by Rachel. And we couldn’t ask for more! Despite his tough demeanor, Hades is actually a soft and wholesome fellow who only wishes to give love and experience being truly loved for who he is. Imperfections and all.

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The heart is what I see in someone, but it isn’t my fault Hades’ chest is in the way. This God is what makes the Underworld hot! And what’s more attractive is that he, himself doesn’t even realize how much he can affect his Queen! These two are truly the perfect softest couple in all of Olympus.

Hades is Only for Persephone

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Despite his insecurities, Hades will wage war with his brother, the King of the Gods – Zeus, to fight for the right to be with Persephone, his Kore. Even after the banishment of Persephone to the human realm, he waited 10 years for her return. Even after his own brother recommended him to a nymph who shares the same feature as his Kore. He was livid at the idea that Zeus thinks anyone can ever replace Persephone. Hades without a doubt is loyal to his one true Queen. And so is Persephone.

In conclusion, Hades best husband! Lore Olympus was able to bring into justice the image that we, Hades loyalists, from the start was repeatedly wishing the mainstream literature can regard Hades. The God of the Dead and the King of the Underworld are so much more to being evil. Hades is simply one of the most misunderstood God and Lore Olympus provide readers with a new perspective on the otherwise considered evil God.

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