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Looking to improve your immunity, digestion, and mood? Try this amazing healthy drink!

Looking to improve your immunity, digestion, and mood? Try this amazing healthy drink!


It was the need to release the stress that brought out Barbie Candano’s interest in brewing kombucha, a fermented tea drink. She started making small batches for her family and close friends only as a weekend hobby. However, the emergence of the pandemic shifted her mindset heavily and brought about three important realizations:

  1. We need to immediately strengthen our immune system in order to fight the disease. 
  2. The anxiety that we experience during the quarantine affects our mood and overall mental health. 
  3. Many people are having digestive problems due to the stress from sudden lifestyle shifts and odd sleeping and eating patterns.

Having experienced the positive effects firsthand, Barbie felt huge improvements in her energy levels, immunity, digestion, and mood through consuming kombucha. As a result, she turned this hobby into a passion project, with the hopes of imparting kombucha’s amazing health benefits.

Purposeful and mindful homebrewing

“When we brew out of love, the quality is inevitably superb,” says entrepreneur Barbie. Cultur’d Kombucha drinks are made from all-natural ingredients to nurture not just the gut, but the spirit as well. Asked what sets them apart from others, Barbie claims that they only use whole fruit and fruit puree in fermentation.

“We do this in order to keep the prebiotic fiber intact from our fruits so that they may enhance our kombucha’s probiotic properties. Fermenting whole fruit inside each bottle also creates a healthy and tasty treat that we like to call our “Synbiotic Sinkers.”

The fermentation time coupled with their blend of tea gives the base kombucha its signature tart, yet lightly refreshing taste.

Cultur’d Kombucha’s Products

Wild Dragon Fruit – refreshingly light, tart, yet mildly sweet

Peach Please – luscious, tangy, yet pleasantly sweet

Blueberry Burst – perfectly sweet with a tart finish & a burst of whole berries


Love, Lychee – Aromatic, delicately rosy, and mildly sweet


Think outside the box

With the emergence of similar home-based businesses, the demand for a more appealing packaging also becomes high. This is one of the problems Cultur’d Kombucha’s Barbie encountered in putting up a business during the pandemic. Moreover, since kombucha is not yet a mainstream beverage, introducing the product to the market became extra challenging.

However, Barbie took these positively as she was forced to think outside the box. She aspires to present her products accordingly to someone who has never heard of kombucha before. In addition, she enjoys planning and curating their social media content, doing graphic design, and brainstorming about her next plans.

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For business aspirants, Barbie says it is important to have a vision and be passionate about it. She advises them not to be afraid to fail, but always strive to serve customers better each day. More importantly, be open to feedback and new experiences as this will help you and your business to grow.


Cultur’d Kombucha follows a strict pre-order basis especially for batch deliveries. For interested customers, you may fill out this form online, Cut-off is every Friday, at least 1 week before the scheduled delivery or until slots are available. 



Payments can be made through online bank transfers and GCash. For more information, you can visit their official Instagram and Facebook pages.


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