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Kuya Kim bids farewell to his home for 17 years, ABS-CBN — has three lined up shows on GMA

Kuya Kim bids farewell to his home for 17 years, ABS-CBN — has three lined up shows on GMA

Kuya Kim leaves ABS-CBN joins GMA

After 17 years of being their weatherman, TV host Kim Atienza bids farewell to ABS-CBN. 

In Friday’s episode of TV Patrol, Kim thanked all his bosses, co-anchors, staff, and his audience. 

“Family, I have so much to thank. First of all, my boss at ABS-CBN News, Ging Reyes. She took care of me and helped me be a better Kuya Kim here on our TV Patrol. My entertainment mentor and our Chief Operating Officer of Broadcast Cory Vidanes. Thank you for the confidence in my ability and the opportunity you gave me on Showtime.

My friend and our president, Carlo Katigbak, who continues to show concern and inspiration. My co-anchors on TV Patrol, Kabayan, Bernadette, Henry, Korina, Ted, Karen Davila, Julius Babao.

And my partner for 12 years and I was with our KimChen show and in the dressing room, Gretchen Fullido, I’ll never forget you.”

The news anchor also thanked the late Ernie Baron. This is the man who him with the task of being the weatherman of the network.  

“Those who were with me in waking up many Kapamilya in Magandang Umaga Bayan, Magandang Umaga Pilipinas, Umagang Kay Ganda.”

Of course, Kuya Kim didn’t forget to mention his iconic show of Matanglawin. It taught kids a lot for several years.

“And all those who were critical, observant and daring in Matanglawin. You know the show has won all the awards that can be won on Philippine television. ‘Matanglawin’ won 200 awards. Tonie Esperida, I love you. Thank you so much!

“Thank you Ernie Baron for entrusting me with a huge responsibility.”

Kim said he will treasure every single moment of being a Kapamilya all his life.  

“Most of all, thank you, Kapamilya, for your monitoring and support. Kuya Kim wouldn’t be Kuya Kim if it wasn’t for you.”

The former Matanglawin host referred to ABS-CBN as his home. He detailed how the network meant for him and how special the experience was.

“Even leaving this station that I considered my second home, I will never forget. I will stay in my heart and cherish all the experiences and lessons I have learned on ABS-CBN for seventeen years.”

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I have learned that no matter how many or how severe the storms that pass through our lives, it is important to keep hope, faith in God, and love for family members alive.

For now, I want to say, for the last time. For the last time. Ang buhay ay weather-weather lang! See you again, Kapamilya. Thank you!”

So, what’s next for Kuya Kim? Is he giving up journalism altogether? Well, there are a few exciting things that are lined up for him.

The news anchor shared that GMA’s offer is too good to pass up for someone his age. The three-program package includes a daily morning show, Mars Pa More. Also, a daily entertainment trivia show in tandem with two other GMA anchors to air as pre-programming to 24 Oras.

He also liked that GMA is lining him up in shows that are congruent with his equity as Kuya Kim. This is a brand that he credits ABS-CBN for nurturing these many years.

It is sad to see Kuya Kim leave the network we used to see him in. However, it is very exciting to see him transition into something new and something he looks very happy about. Let’s continue to support his future endeavors.

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