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This online food business is serving authentic Ilocano dishes you’ll surely love

This online food business is serving authentic Ilocano dishes you’ll surely love


Chito Rabit Campos, a visual Merchandising Manager, and Chino Brownlee Aguilar, a fashion stylist just started their own food business May of this year with one goal in mind: to provide a uniquely happy experience to those who would like to try their home-cooked meals. When you order, you will get the same taste and experience their family enjoys daily.

Chino Brownlee Aguilar – Fashion Stylist
Chito Rabit Campos – Visual Merchandising Manager


Chito brings in his cooking experience to Kucinanichito that started early from childhood until today. Watching, and eventually cooking alongside with her late mother, aunts and uncles from Ilocos formed the foundation of a lifelong cooking passion.

Kucinanichito offers variety of dishes from all-time favorite Ilocano staples such as Dinakdakan, Pinakbet with Bagnet, Pork Igado and Bagnet Kare-Kare to some other regions best dishes such as Bopis, Laing, Pork Binagoongan, FIsherman’s Catch and Beef Caldereta.

Authentic Ilokano Dishes

Dinakdakan (Php 230/tub)
Pork Igado (Php 200/tub)
Pinakbet with Bagnet (Php 200/tub)

Other Special Dishes

Beef Caldereta (Php 300/tub)
Crispy Pork Dinuguan (Php 200/tub)
Stir Fried Tahong (Php 180/tub)
Pork Binagoongan (Php 200/tub)
Laing with Shrimp (Php 180/tub)
Fisherman’s Catch (Crab, Shrimp, Green mussels, Corn, and Chorizo in salted egg) (Php 350/tub)
Stuffed Pusit (Php 100/tub)

Their online food business continues to grow and soon they will offer Silogs and food packs as well. In order to make make such business last, Chito and Chino recommend not rely on the current momentum but start making long-term plans.

Menu varies every week! They also have food trays! For order and queries!

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