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It could also be you, so self-reflection is also important

It could also be you, so self-reflection is also important


Self-reflection is the awareness within ourselves. This is the ability to acknowledge our own toxicities and morals. Moreover, upon doing this, it gives us a chance to fix ourselves so that we won’t hurt anyone. After all, us being humans aren’t perfect and it’s normal to make mistakes.

It’s not always the other person, it could also be you who might be hurting people. Moreover, it’s normal to make mistakes, but what’s more important is your willingness to change your wrongdoings.

Furthermore, self-reflection is a must. We do not want to add more toxicity to this world. However, because we aren’t all perfect, we can take accountability for our actions.

Taking accountability is one step towards becoming better.

This is the ability to own our mistakes, to acknowledge, and the ability to say ‘sorry.’ Moreover, when you hurt someone, never let your pride make you a bad person. Apologize because, in that way, you own your mistakes which make situations lighter.

No, apologizing won’t erase your mistakes. However, a sincere apology is taking accountability without any hidden agendas of manipulating someone. Apologizing sincerely simply means that ‘you’re sorry and nothing more. You’ll make things better by learning through your mistakes.’

Self-reflection is also an act of self-care because you aim on excluding yourself from the toxic ones.

Who knows? Maybe just like you, the other person could also think that you are a walking red flag. Moreover, by knowing your potential toxicities, you can save yourself and people’s mental health around you. Your mistakes will never define you as long as you’re willing to change them.

Know your behaviors, be humble enough to accept your own lapses. Always strive to become the better version of yourself. And, know that self-reflection is a form of self-care by not letting yourself become a toxic one.

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