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INSTAGRAM DEEP DIVE: The adventures of Arci Muñoz in the United States of America

INSTAGRAM DEEP DIVE: The adventures of Arci Muñoz in the United States of America

Arci Muñoz United States of America

Also known as the Land of Opportunity, the United States of America truly has incredible places to visit. A handful of them was explored by Filipino celebrity Arci Muñoz.

Arci Muñoz in New Mexico

She has been posting photos of herself in various landmarks of the country while rocking different gorgeous outfits. We’ll be exploring that as we do a deep dive into the actress’ Instagram account.

Married in New Mexico

One of the few reasons why Arci visited the States is because of the wedding of one of her girlfriends, Carla. She posted a photo of her and the bride smiling happily. It seems like it happened in Alberquerque, New Mexico.

Arci wore a very beautiful cream-colored oversized suit and high-waist wide-leg pants which complemented the natural color palette of her surroundings.

Tasty snacks in Colorado

Arci has professed her love for Netflix cooking or travel shows, specifically Fresh Fried and Crispy. She posted a photo of some tasty set of meals she discovered in the show.

She mentioned restaurants such as Biker Jim’s and Big Mac and Little Lu’s. Everything looks scrumptious and it makes me hungry. Hope you do too!

Driving to Arizona

The actress-singer also shared a video of her as she drove towards the State of Arizona. She did a mini-tour of the inside of her RV. Arci also mentioned that she drove for 11hrs, traveled 706 miles, and crossed 3 states.

What an amazing yet tiring experience.

She also posted a photo of her showing Bell Rock, clad in her crimson-colored jumpsuit. She couldn’t believe how beautiful Sedona is. Well, the photos are amazing, what more in person.

In the skies of Vegas

Ramona posted a photo of her riding a jet, and now, we’re in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s really taking us to places, people. We’re not even on the ground but up.

Arci shared a video of her enjoying every inch of the Gambling Capital of the World. Of course, we’re talking about Vegas. The footage showed her eating, partying, gambling, and the video from the skies of the Sin City.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Arci is cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, California. How neat. She’s wearing a black flowy dress, a perfect outfit to showcase while enjoying the wind on a cruise.

The celebrity is now enjoying a drink at the seaside of Malibu. How could I be more jealous?

Taking a bite of the Big Apple

Ah, yes, I asked how I could be more jealous. Now, I know-how. The actress explored the streets of the Big Apple, my dream city, New York.

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Ramona is now clad in more casual wear, complementing New York’s street fashion. She’s wearing white jump shorts underneath a denim oversized jacket.

Arci also posted a photo of her on top of the Brooklyn Bridge while wearing a dark-toned floral dress underneath a black overcoat. The outfit perfectly complemented her green hair. How cute.

She also posed in the famous Times Square, wearing a black shirt with a Demon Slayer print, paired with black shorts, a pair of black monk shoes, and the same black overcoat. To top it all of, she accessorized with a black beanie and a pair of black sunglasses.

Universal Studios in Hollywood

Last on our list is Arci in the Universal Studios in Hollywood. In this post, she can be seen in front of The Simpsons portion of the amusement park. This time, she rocked a white BT21 shirt, paired with a black bucket hat. It’s the perfect outfit to enjoy a fast-paced theme park.

I hope you enjoyed the trip of Miss Ramona as much as she did and as much as I loved writing this. I can’t wait for her to post more and to travel myself after all of this is over. That can only happen if you register to vote and if you choose a competent official.

I have a question though. If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Sound off in the comments below.

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