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Here’s why DJ Loonyo’s Dance Under the Sun is our new summer anthem!

Here’s why DJ Loonyo’s Dance Under the Sun is our new summer anthem!

Summer can be bliss, especially when you can go to the beach and bask under the sun. But if it’s scorching hot and you can’t enjoy going out since it’s a lockdown, then it can be torturous. Good thing, Universal Record’s DJ Loonyo gives us a free pass and a better way to deal with it. He’s letting us dance it away with a brand new single Dance Under The Sun.

DJ Loonyo's Dance under the Sun
Photo Credit to Universal Records

As per him, the song aims to draw positivity and uplift spirits amidst the challenging times that we are facing. Inspired by the Micronesian dance trend on TikTok, he had the perfect idea of creating our very own version of this trend.

Photo Credit to Universal Records

Rising to stardom

Dj Loonyo rose to stardom after posting some Tiktok videos of him dancing honoring our frontliners. Then, it became an epic afterward after he became one of the most sought-after personalities during ECQ. Just like everyone else who became famous, he had his fair share of controversies and he chose to rise above it by doing what he does best, and that is inspiring a lot of people through his dance moves. Sometimes you just have to weather the storm and let things pass.

DJ Loonyo's Dance Under the Sun
Photo Credit to Universal Records

Now, everything is falling into place as he is even venturing into new ground and that is singing. Songs ought to inspire and sometimes transport us and with this summer beat, it feels like experiencing being on a beach while holding a glass of Pina Colada. While we are in battling the rippling effects of a pandemic, listening to this song can melt all our worries and make us dance it away. Dancing on it feels like warding off all the negative emotions we are dealing with. As of writing, it has become my go-to summer beat.


Photo Credit to Universal Records

Choreographed by DJ Loonyo himself, the full dance routine of ‘Dance Under The Sun’ can be seen in the official music video. Dance tutorials are also now available on his TikTok account, setting off a challenge that has kept audiences dancing since its official release. Winners of the ‘Dance Under The Sun’ TikTok dance challenge will be featured in a fan-powered music video. A fusion of Moombahton and Reggaeton with catchy and easy-to-recall lyrics, “Dance Under The Sun” could just be our next TikTok favorite and the newest summer dance craze we simply couldn’t stop listening to.


Following its official release, this latest dance craze has already hit the trending topics on Twitter here in the Philippines and in Hong Kong. Written by DJ Loonyo and produced by Solomon Star, “Dance Under the Sun” is now available on all digital music platforms.

Dance Under the sun Dj Loonyo
Photo Credit to Universal Records

Watch the official music video directed by Miggy Tanchanco. It is shot in a famed local resort up North. So get ready to dance to every step of the newest summer dance anthem of the Philippines. This is such a perfect anthem for a summer beat. Can this be the next song to pound our rooms with its blaring sound?

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Dance Under the Sun Dj Loonyo
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