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Happy 2/22/22 Twosday! Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Angel Numbers’

Happy 2/22/22 Twosday! Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Angel Numbers’

If it takes two to tango, then we’ll be dancing up to metaphorical storm this week.

In numerology, the 222 sequence of numbers is believed to be charged with special energy. So, 2/22/22 isn’t just a typical date– it’s actually a sign to manifest your heart’s desires!

What are angel numbers?

We all have guardian angels who help us make the most of our earthly journey by sending us signs, one of which is repeating numbers. So, if you’ve ever found yourself seeing the same repeating sequence of numbers everywhere, like in phone numbers, license plates, and on your calendar (as in 2/22/22)– it might be time to open your mind.

Number sequences with repetition often referred to as ‘Angel Numbers’, and believe that these repeating digits are the universe’s subliminal way of communicating with you. These numbers you are seeing can be your guardian angel’s attempt to help you see what’s ahead of you, whether it’s an exciting new opportunity or the end of something you need to let go of.

Now, what do they mean and what do they tell us? Fear not, here are some common angel numbers we see along with their general messages from the universe:


Zero is associated with beginnings, so this angel number might mean that you’re ready to start something new where you have complete freedom to create whatever you want. If you’re seeing this, it’s a sign to make big, bold decisions at a certain point in your journey.


One is a powerful manifestation figure. If you’re seeing one as an angel number, relish the opportunity to make a wish and set an intention. You’re bringing prosperity into your life, and whatever spiritual power you feel connected to is there to help and guide you.


Two suggests balance and trust. Seeing twos might be a message to open yourself more deeply to love and camaraderie if you’re searching for peace within yourself and/or in your close relationships.


Three is an indication of magnetic creativity. If you’re suddenly seeing threes everywhere, it’s time to tap into your innate gifts and bring them to light on a situation. It serves as a gentle reminder to trust yourself, your magic, and your wisdom.


Four symbolizes stabilization. Observing fours might be a sign you need to ground yourself. When interacting with this angel number, don’t be afraid to ask for help and receive support. It is also an acknowledgement that you’ve been working hard, so give yourself a pat on the back.


The presence of five hints that there are big changes on the horizon. Seeing five as an angel number might mean you’re undergoing through a transformation. So, if you’ve been feeling trapped, your angel is also asking you to stay confident and positive as these new adventures get underway.


Though this number has a bad reputation for being associated with evil, having six as your angel number isn’t always a bad thing. Six can be a gentle, much-needed reminder to treat yourself with kindness and understanding. Get back to the basics and breathe.

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Seven also represents luck in angel numbers! If you’ve started seeing sevens everywhere you look, then the universe might be telling you that good fortune is on the way. Experiencing seven in a sequence might also be a signal to step up your spiritual game.


Fundamentally, eight is the symbol of infinity, the endless loop that transcends any single lifetime– so don’t be afraid to dive into your intuition when this angel number appears. Seeing eights could reflect a connection to the spiritual universe in a powerful way.


As the last of the single digits, nine signifies that a chapter in your life is coming to an end. It could be the end of a relationship or friendship, or the end of your job experience. It’s hard to say goodbye, but you’ve got the universe on your side to help you start something new.

What does 2/22/22 mean? How can we harness its power?

According to numerologists, if we break down the full date by adding all the numbers together until we reduce to a single digit; the final number we get is three (here’s the math: 2+2+2+2+0+2+2=12; 1+2=3), which is associated with Jupiter, a planet that reflects spirituality, higher education, and a sense of charity for those in need.

In other words, 2/22/22 is all about our need for cooperation and teamwork. Two is also associated with intuition, relationships, and unity, so today is a great time to reflect on how we communicate with our loved ones and maintain an open-heart connection with other people.

Hopefully, you would choose to use the last remaining moments of this magical 2/22/22 energy to channel all the love and hope you can… for yourself first, and then for others.

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