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‘Gilmore Girls’ Boys: A Pro-Con list à la Rory

‘Gilmore Girls’ Boys: A Pro-Con list à la Rory

Gilmore Girls has long been over but it doesn’t stop us from debating over who’s the best between Rory’s boyfriends: Dean, Jess, and Logan. The 2000s show is considered a cult classic and a favorite amongst audiences but it has gained more fans in recent years because it has been made available on Netflix since 2014.

I started watching Gilmore Girls unwittingly one night while I was browsing through Netflix. I never expected to be so invested in the series but the life that Rory and Lorelai lead was one heck of a rollercoaster ride. I found myself binging through the seasons – literally watching them jump from one boy to another – and loving every single episode.

So let’s break it down, Rory Gilmore-style: Which boy is the best?

Dean Forester


• tall
• loves his sister very much
• regularly changes the water bottle on your dispenser
• diligent with his work at Doose’s Market
• watches movies with you and your mom
• waits for you to finish browsing and shopping in the bookstore
• builds you a car from scratch


• tells you he loves you too soon into the relationship
• gets mad when you don’t say it back
• breaks up with you after making fun of your pro-con list
• super clingy when jealous
• breaks up with you again in the middle of a dance event
• cheats on his wife for you (major yikes!)

Jess Mariano


• same taste on books and music
• annotates books for you
• is only nice to you
• kisses you on Sookie’s wedding day
• loves you more than he loves himself
• writes a book because of you
• talks you out of dropping school
• knows you the best, even at times when you don’t recognize yourself anymore
• watches you grow and thrive from a distance, all while still loving you


• leaves without saying goodbye
• gets involved with other girls while having complicated feelings for you
• keeps secrets from you (swan attack and working at Walmart)
• attempts to get intimate with you even if you’re not ready
• red flags all over strived to change for you, but it was too late

Logan Huntzberger


• charming
• adventurous
• likes romantic gestures
• makes up a sweet endearment for you
• stays with you despite his family’s disapproval
• supports you when you needed a break from school

See Also


• likes you but is not ready to be committed
• waits for an ultimatum before exclusively dating you
• insults and tries to fight with your ex at your grandparents’ house
• makes you feel like he’s cheating on you
• runs away from his business problems
• breaks up with you just because you aren’t ready to get married yet

What do you think? Are you Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan?

I’ve made up my mind but I’ll keep it to myself. Brb, re-watching Gilmore Girls for the nth time.

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